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17 March 2013

For the Love of Horses and Children!

Online Auction Open! Let the Bidding Begin!

BELLA LOW RESThe PROJECT ARROWHEAD: FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES AND CHILDREN Auction Event is now open. The auction will run from March 18, 2013 to March 24, 2013!

Project Arrowhead©

The Project Arrowhead© service is unique because of its mission and its collaboration with Full Horsepower, an equestrian distance riding and training team and its horses. The Project Arrowhead© team includes a master horseman, an equestrian manager, educators and coordinators, residing in Maryland, USA.

Protect Yourself 1, Inc.’s Founder Jean Albert Renaud (JAR), designed the Project Arrowhead service, that targets youth living in disadvantaged areas, and uses horses/Mustang as a vehicle to get the attention of the general public. The Project Arrowhead© service connects Mustangs and youth from all walks of life. In a sense, both youth and Mustangs face the same challenges. They experience extreme aggressiveness, fear, malnutrition, exposure to diseases, and have to face survival on a daily basis with these handicaps.


Through the Project Arrowhead© service they meet and exchange an unspoken language using gestures which, overtime, increases trust and love between each other. The youth develop a calming attitude, attentiveness, patience and discipline, and the once-wild and untamed Mustang becomes gentler, attentive and domesticated as he adapts to his new environment. The service enhances youth teamwork and leadership skills, and provides an opportunity for them to transfer the experience to their daily challenges in a positive way. Through the Project Arrowhead© service, both can be protected and guided towards living a productive, successful and healthy life.

In photos: an event with client United Planning Organization (UPO)/POWER (Providing Opportunities with Educational Readiness).

In photos: an event with client United Planning Organization (UPO)/
POWER (Providing Opportunities with Educational Readiness).

The Project Arrowhead© service encourages awareness and education for all youth, especially those living in high risk areas where HIV and related diseases have an infection rate which is alarming. The service, using hands-on activities involving the wild horse; Mustang, nature, gardening, ecology, health education, yoga and delivers the overall message of social and personal responsibility that develops a sense of mutual respect for youth; the American future and Mustang; the American Icon, and by doing so increases positive youth behaviors and wild horse Mustang preservation.

The PY1 corporate team has produced and developed the Project Arrowhead© service in Maryland. Since 2005, Project Arrowhead©, Inc. has demonstrated experience by developing a very successful service with horses/Mustang and at-risk youth from different organizations such as United Planning Organization (POWER: Providing Opportunities with Educational Readiness) from Washington DC, Guide Program, Inc., Woodbourne School and Park Heights Avenue Fellowship Association from Baltimore City, MD. The youth involved showed an increase of positive behaviors after approaching the horses/Mustang, and participating in the hands-on activities of the service.

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Please visit our AMAZING Auction because now, it's YOUR turn to REWARD YOURSELF!

FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES AND CHILDREN AUCTION will feature oodles of way cool items ranging from Fine Art, to Unique and V.I.P Experiences, Couture and Designer Jewelry, Weekend Getaways, and CELEBRITY COLLECTIBLES AND MEMORABILIA TOO!

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Let's ROCK!
Thanks again!
One LOVE (pass it on....)

Wendie Busig-kohn
CEO/Founding Chairperson
ART 4 GOOD Foundation, Inc.

and Jeanalbert Renaud
PY1 Project Arrowhead

and support
Project Arrowhead!

04 October 2012

"THE TRAGIC THEATRE" by Elias Foukis

4bad art in athens poem


by Elias Foukis


 Of all the artistic failures

that have nothing to do with either laws  or the Muses

pay attention to the main one

Protect your heads

 from Greece`s moan

that was enclosed

inside your masks.


The role you undertook to play

 does not strike anyone.

It itself is struck powerfully by the irresistible aspiration of the Dialecticto

overwhelm the Human Being

with second opinions

 in a second head in order

 to interpret in keeping with its preferences

all that will take place in the space of the World.


Independently of what went on in your brains

which were subservient

just like the territory of the Empires

the protest of the soul

was not heard by anyone

because logic had been completely excluded.


It had been completely excluded

and here it`s Greece`s fault as it ceded to Dionysos

extents of Earth and soul

for his light-hearted and silly games

and the Heavenly places which had never been touched

by the hands of tragedy

 were invited onto the stage

 to play sub-songs for amusement.


On the stairs you`d think the conscience of the World was territorial

applause broke out

and the Nightmares who even the night considered too dangerous

to be included in its darkness

confirmed that they had earned the right

 to walk unmolested with Happiness

in the flow of Days.


If at times you erred

and shifted the hero from mask to brain

because of this collective authenticity

you will sustain heavy artistic blows.


Ah, here yes you found Olympus on its own Time!

Precisely when they lighted a few

 superstitious fires on it

and who knows what other long road

it will burden Greece with again!

And on the return the tired field-marshals

when they find themselves at the

Mercy of Seas

and no hand will be stretched out to them

from Olympus to pull them back to solid Earth

and they will curse the Tragedy as inhuman and evil.


Spontaneously then

plunge to the lower feelings of Earth

which warned you that soon they will be looking straight into Nightmares` eyes.

Or so that we may be more like Humanists about the World

a kind of incomparable Fog

that will block visions this way and that

like a black sheet

for the mourning for Persephone.


That is why it`s also feared this make-believe

Humanist will take us by the throat

and dressed in white will go into Athens

in order to hide the evil Hour

which roams the World like a paralyticto acquire the right to be History.

That is why actors if you desire

that your temporary presence on Earth

is not the cause of misunderstanding

regarding Humanity`s being dressed in the white garments of Humanism

it would be better if you had the conviction this World

has a skinny body

and its lines not suited

to that outfit

so that when the Future reveals

the failure of Philosophy

and the vanity of all things

perhaps the conscience of the World will also be upset

by the mistake that was shown to be so small and enveloped its spacious heart

leaving Tragedy out.


And indeed now when Greek Horizons are clear

it is suspected that from the East

this same darkness and same cyclone

will rush in with mania slyly slipping past the Symplegades

and will demolish the

Visions of the World

with the eternal and heretical slogan:

"Beware Bad Art and Athens.”

27 September 2012

"Silent Star" by WBK w/Fawn Caldwell

Valentino 2 HI DEF
The screen flickered
images somewhat unrefined
in this silent movie
an actor, so divine

The women swooned
As men in black and white
made our dreams late at night
Softly now they swept up our hearts
they spoke no words
yet were so vividly heard

Men in attendance
affixed their attention
attempting to emulate
that soul searing gaze
with intention

All were
hypnotized by Valentino's eyes
in this theater hushed
in silence
and highly regarded
this silent star 
silent star.

"Josephine" by Wendie Busig-Kohn

Dig josephine baker
Oozing sensuality
Erotic by define
Fearless and determined
So many stood in line
To see her infamous “Banana Dance”
Femme Fatale without peer
Artists all embraced her
From beginning to end
of her illustrious career.

Born and raised in poverty
An icon long before
Civil Rights Movements
Began to play a role
In fairness for all.

She loved her country and Paris
all the children of the world
Were in her heart
Like the biggest box of chocolates
She had a mission to adopt them all.

Reckless and unpredictable
Fraught with many challenges each day
she met each one with fearlessness
Her one predictable flaw.

She never believed in failure
She trusted her own grace
But Grace, her Royal Highness
Was there to prevent her from losing face.

Two nights before she died
Her triumphant final comeback witnessed 
Her joy of performance vindicated
As Mick Jagger applauded, we knew
She will always be thought of 
As the irrepressible Josephine Baker,
"La Baker" to heaven flew!

"Josephine" by Wendie Busig-kohn
Submitted for potential publication in the upcoming book "BLACK AND WHITE" publishing soon, by ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc.
Do YOU have AWESOME ART , Photography, Poetry that you feel should be included in this book?

25 September 2012

"Useless" by Wendie Busig-Kohn


Heavy weighs the rusted crown
Of an over aged rock star
Who has never found
The value in others
He sees only as useless fans.

His real burden in life
is self inflicted
Self centered heart
Once addicted
Each heart he breaks
Is his loss, predicted 

Lost in his dream
Of significance 
Of importance
To be heralded by many
His heart hardens

Those who dared to care 
All fade away
He stands alone 
This rusted crown
As it slides down 
Shields his eyes
Unable to realize
We are all gone now.
For my friend, Scarlet

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