What IS The Artist In You!?

So many people are asking the question, "What IS The Artist In You!?" Well, here are some answers from the creative people who make The Artist In You! what it is!

Through The Eyes Of A Devotee To The Arts!

Touched by an Angel by Joanna ZjawinskaI'd like to share my thoughts about the mission of The Artist In You! and Art 4 Good, as I perceive and believe through these eyes; not of an artist or gifted writer, but as a devotee to The Arts, in general.

I hesitated to even sign up for a Facebook account. Like many others, my age, it seemed like something for the "youngins"!

When I first "arrived" on Facebook, many friends were recommended my way, and I began to see a very colorful and eclectic news feed each day.

At that time, The Artist in You! group and The Artist In You! page had already been created by Wendie Busig-Kohn. Both became my daily pleasure to visit and, slowly, I began to interact with many new friends discovered there.

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T:ogether E:veryone A:chieves M:ore!

Robert HarrisIn the words of Academy Award Nominee Gary Busey,


I just had to begin there!

Perhaps that phrase is the most important thing he's ever said! Isn't it TRUE? Of course it is!

Why DILUTE your power or the impact of your art? Whether physical or written, it takes more than being brilliant in your craft to excel and achieve YOUR dreams of recognition!

I am the "tribal elder" of this wonderful mission; old school art collector here. I've watched many careers take flight in my lifetime. I can also acknowledge how many creative folks I've seen who NEVER make it into the spotlight. Many of them are artists whose works, TODAY, sell for MILLIONS of dollars. You know who I'm talking about, don't you?

My first days on Facebook were quite a trip! I made mistakes; liked too much, "friended" too many artists, commented/posted recommendations to those posting on The Artist In You! page to READ the GUIDELINES on HOW TO POST MOST EFFECTIVELY and boy, did I earn the crown for TYPO KING!

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Make My Day!

Sunburst by Regina SabistonWhen I first started to blog for The Artist In You! I had no idea what I had volunteered for. I hesitated and carefully looked at all they had to offer and made notes in my head. I thought to myself, "Can I really do this? Is my work good enough? What will I say about my paintings? What are they really expecting from me and why?" I had so many thoughts going through my head as I tried to decide whether I was right for this group.

One day I got the courage and decided to just go for it. As you probably already know...I LOVE ART in all shapes and forms. I love colors. I love creating. I love sharing. I love communicating with other artists and giving back. I just wanted to make this world a better place in any way that I could and that's why I decided to blog for The Artist In You! Since then I have never looked back. I've learned a lot about me and I've learned a lot about The Artist In You! and about those involved with The Artist In You!

First of all I want to thank my friends here who have supported me in my efforts to blog. I stumbled through some of the computer language that was unknown to me and with their help succeeded in bringing to you some of my creations as well as some of the wonderful work of other exceptional artists, which I promise to continue to do as my way of giving back.

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Small Tree In A Much Larger Forest...

Dearest and Most Precious by AVRWhen Wendie first invited me to The Artist In You!, I checked out the page and I liked it, but, I felt like I wouldn't fit in as my main medium was words. Then I thought, since I had started taking photographs, I could contribute with them and get some feedback on whether they were any good or not. Before I could do that, The Artist In You! had a poetry contest. I don't believe I joined in the first round. When it came up again, I shared some 'words of art' and then some photographs and more poems.

I was really enjoying the variety of artists that I was getting to know on The Artist In You! through their marvelous work. The Artist In You! opened up a whole new world of contemporary artists (each with their own unique talent and vision). One week, as I perused the works that were being shared, I was so inspired that, without thinking, I blitzed some of them with 'drive by poetry'. Afterwards, I wasn't sure how my blitz would be received. So...I apologized just in case I had offended anyone. Luckily no one was offended (at least no one admitted to being offended and Verlie Murphy even said I could pair her paintings with my poems anytime).

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Coming Full Circle...

Cari Feltz-Abdo...with empathy and inspiration!

I am thankful for all those brought into my life through Facebook. So many of you I would never have had the opportunity to meet...and still may never meet in person. Somehow life, God in my opinion, keeps drawing people into my closest circle who share much of what makes me 'me'; people who express empathy rather than pity; people who accept the thoughts I share without questioning because they understand.

Now the powers that be have guided me to The Artist In You! where I have met even more kindred spirits. Although I do think of myself as an artist, there are so many there on such an amazing level, I wasn't sure I would even get to have a conversation with them let alone build such strong friendships and bonds with them. Of course, I soon found out they are no different to me...people with hopes, dreams, lives, challenges - all unique and individual yet all with one thing in common - a burning desire to help and do good in a creative way.

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Silent Witness by Tracie KoziuraHow many times have you heard or seen a News story about an individual, a family, a town or even an entire country suffering simply because of circumstance and felt that burning need to help...to do something - ANYTHING - to ease that suffering? And how many times have you also felt incredibly helpless and frustrated because you don't have the money or the skills needed to make a difference?

I know I have felt like that for a very long time. The devastation created by hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis; the look of desperation, hopelessness and failure in a mothers eyes as she endures the pain of her children created by starvation, illness and poverty; the fear on the faces of women trapped in a home being abused physically, mentally and emotionally with no-one to turn to for help; seeing and hearing about these and other unimagineable travesties has haunted me for years...along with my inability to do anything about it.

Since I can remember, I have had a dream; a dream that one day my circumstances would change; a door would open and I could finally do SOMETHING to REALLY make a difference. In February this year (2011), it did...

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