T:ogether E:veryone A:chieves M:ore!

Robert HarrisIn the words of Academy Award Nominee Gary Busey,


I just had to begin there!

Perhaps that phrase is the most important thing he's ever said! Isn't it TRUE? Of course it is!

Why DILUTE your power or the impact of your art? Whether physical or written, it takes more than being brilliant in your craft to excel and achieve YOUR dreams of recognition!

I am the "tribal elder" of this wonderful mission; old school art collector here. I've watched many careers take flight in my lifetime. I can also acknowledge how many creative folks I've seen who NEVER make it into the spotlight. Many of them are artists whose works, TODAY, sell for MILLIONS of dollars. You know who I'm talking about, don't you?

My first days on Facebook were quite a trip! I made mistakes; liked too much, "friended" too many artists, commented/posted recommendations to those posting on The Artist In You! page to READ the GUIDELINES on HOW TO POST MOST EFFECTIVELY and boy, did I earn the crown for TYPO KING!

I noticed something else, too! The most successful artists, who were actually ENGAGING others were also selling their works, being showcased in galleries, and achieving their dream: to live as an artist, make a living as an artist, to receive acclaim as an artist: IN THEIR LIFETIME! (THEY read the guidelines folks!)

The smartest ones were getting something else too!
They were "getting" the mission of The Artist In You! and partner Art 4 Good!

What a Mission! Who could resist?

Let's see now...
In less than a year, The Artist In You! created a page, a group, a TV Channel, a Blog, partnered with Art 4 Good, and we are now also building a website!


Using my own personal marketing background and experience, I offered my assistance in the form of on-line documents and guides for Artists such as:
Art Marketing 101 ~ The ART of Marketing! Who buys art? Why? How? Where? When?
How are you currently marketing your art? ~ Who promotes your works successfully?

Every one of us has fortes. When SHARING in the spirit of this overall mission, created by Wendie Busig-Kohn, we ALL prosper; in health, in heart, in SUCCESS, in LIFE!

We do this...:o)...because we mean it!

I am truly rewarded by my participation; however small a contribution I may have made...my time and input is completely outmatched by what I've gained in return - GREAT NEW TALENTED FRIENDS for a lifetime!

I'm in AWE of ALL of YOU!

I will continue to help this mission grow and prosper for each and every ONE of you! To quote the founder of The Artist In You!

"It is always the creative ones who truly change the world. Let's ROCK!"

Are YOU in?

Robert Harris
Advisory Board Member
The Artist In You!