What A Concept! Through The Eyes Of A Devotee To The Arts!

Touched by an Angel by Joanna ZjawinskaI'd like to share my thoughts about the mission of The Artist In You! and Art 4 Good, as I perceive and believe through these eyes; not of an artist or gifted writer, but as a devotee to The Arts, in general.

I hesitated to even sign up for a Facebook account. Like many others, my age, it seemed like something for the "youngins"!

When I first "arrived" on Facebook, many friends were recommended my way, and I began to see a very colorful and eclectic news feed each day.

At that time, The Artist In You! groupClick here to visit The Artist In You Group on Facebook and discover some of the most incredible art you will ever see on the Internet! and The Artist In You! pageClick here to visit The Artist In You! page on Facebook and learn more about this amazing community! had already been created by Wendie Busig-KohnClick here to learn more about Wendie Busig-Kohn, her background and her vision for the future!. Both became my daily pleasure to visit and, slowly, I began to interact with many new friends discovered there.

But it was the Art 4 GoodClick here to visit the Art 4 Good page on Facebook and learn more about it's mission to do good through giving back! page that truly inspired my participation and enthusiasm. The concept of GIVING BACK via ART was long overdue. For decades, the music industry, the film industry and many corporations and brands had realized the significant contributions that could be made to help others.

I wanted to help with this facet of the mission.

I was inspired by the philanthropic nature of it all!

I noticed something that, I feel, many of the artists posting on Face Book seemed to have missed. The synchronicity and strategy behind it all! The Artist In You! provided such a glorious platform to share, with a goal to discover like-minded creative folks to get on board.

Instead, perhaps because these artists did NOT truly realize the potential of becoming a PART OF THIS MISSION, many simply spammed The Artist In You! page each day; even posting links to THEIR pages! I thought to myself, how impolite is that? Okay..I really thought..HOW RUDE! Do they really think this is something any person with good manners would do?

Instead of participating in the many creative challenges and posts each day, they were simply promoting themselves in such an amateur way; indeed, even creating a "napster effect" as well! I would see the SAME works from the very SAME artists shared from group to page to group, over and over and over again on my news feed. I became NUMB to what should have been something more delightful to enjoy!

One day, I discovered a comment thread on the news feed "dissing" the concept of how one artist had achieved success by having their works collected and showcased by a major corporation. My head was spinning! Do these artists really just want to SHARE WITH EACH OTHER over and over again? Or are they serious? Do they want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world, via their creativity; perhaps even SELL some of their works, or is Facebook just a playground for them?

I don't get it!

So, after many months of continuous spam posts on the page, we all got together, those who WERE paying attention, and decided to close down the option for others to post.

Then, the BRILLIANT BRAIN behind this project came up with A TRULY AWESOME SOLUTION! Leading by example, as always, Wendie Busig-Kohn collaborated with the truly talented artist, writer, and TECH WIZARDESS Tracie Koziura.

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I AM TRULY BLESSED TO BE A SMALL PART of this organization; this mission: "Celebrating Creativity...and...Giving Back!" WTG The Artist In You!/Art 4 Good! I'm with YOU!

Isa LeWinter
Advisory Board Member
The Artist In You!