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12 June 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

DFW Musical of Shakespeare's "Much Ado" Nears Halfway Funding with Kickstarter; Austin Rocker to Star and NYC Composer to Assist with Arrangements

TradRad Pictures’ production of BAM!, a musical based on William Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," nears halfway funding total. Austin Rocker Zack Weber to play lead. NYC Composer L.J. Nachsin to assist in music arrangements for 60's style show.

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BAM! logo with headline

Pulling a musical out of a hat

...my mom wanted me to audition for a show and I refused."

Dallas-Forth Worth, TX (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

The final countdown has begun! DFW-based TradRad Pictures enters the final days of aKickstarter campaign to raise $30,000 for its production of BAM!, a new musical-comedy based on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." According to Executive Producer Marshall Such, "Even five years ago the idea of filming a full-length book musical on such a small budget would have been impossible. But with the incredible advances and low cost in digital film technology, we'll use funding for key personnel, sets and costumes." BAM! uses Shakespeare's "Much Ado" story with updated dialog and a '60's setting. "Our hope is to entice a younger generation to theatre. Our music is very accessible; we believe it will appeal to them," Such said.

BAM! will feature one of the show's composers, Zack Weber in the starring "Claudio" role. Mr. Weber, an Austin singer-songwriter, has been active in musical theatre since the second grade. "It was one of those things where my mom wanted me to audition for a show and I refused," Weber says. "Then we saw the show and I wanted to be on stage! I was hooked." Zack, who has opened for Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles and John Mayer, also continues his recording career with two CD's, "Daydreams and Day Jobs" and "Funk!" as well as fronting the high energy 80's band, The Spazmatics.

The production of BAM! is a real "family affair" with co-composer L.J. Nachsin also taking on some arranging duties. "We thought Marshall would handle rearranging all the music but he's so swamped," Nachsin said. "So I was recruited to help out!" he laughs. Members of the current cast and crew include family members, neighbors and actors involved in previous productions. "We try to embody a sense of family with TradRad Pictures,” says Such.

Mr. Such went on to say, "Josh Whedon's "Much Ado" movie is set for release on June 21, the day our Kickstarter campaign ends. Perhaps 2013 is the year of the Bard's classic romantic-comedy?"

27 September 2012

"Josephine" by Wendie Busig-Kohn

Dig josephine baker
Oozing sensuality
Erotic by define
Fearless and determined
So many stood in line
To see her infamous “Banana Dance”
Femme Fatale without peer
Artists all embraced her
From beginning to end
of her illustrious career.

Born and raised in poverty
An icon long before
Civil Rights Movements
Began to play a role
In fairness for all.

She loved her country and Paris
all the children of the world
Were in her heart
Like the biggest box of chocolates
She had a mission to adopt them all.

Reckless and unpredictable
Fraught with many challenges each day
she met each one with fearlessness
Her one predictable flaw.

She never believed in failure
She trusted her own grace
But Grace, her Royal Highness
Was there to prevent her from losing face.

Two nights before she died
Her triumphant final comeback witnessed 
Her joy of performance vindicated
As Mick Jagger applauded, we knew
She will always be thought of 
As the irrepressible Josephine Baker,
"La Baker" to heaven flew!

"Josephine" by Wendie Busig-kohn
Submitted for potential publication in the upcoming book "BLACK AND WHITE" publishing soon, by ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc.
Do YOU have AWESOME ART , Photography, Poetry that you feel should be included in this book?

17 March 2011

The One and the ONLY Josephine Baker!

She broke every mold, and every rule!
Her success in France did not, initially, follow her to America!
She raised the bar in so many ways!
She adopted children who needed her.
She raised the hopes of many!

Josephine always wanted the biggest and the most for herself and her family: the biggest box of chocolates; the biggest estate, an ever growing family, and always MORE! At the end of her life, she was evicted from her home. HSH Princess Grace of Monaco took her in and made a home for her.

Did she perform again?
Of course she did! Seated in the audience, her fan Mick Jagger attended one of her last.

Who loves Josephine Baker?  What a legacy!

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