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04 October 2012

Spirit of The Trees by Wendie Busig-Kohn / "The Blush of Beauty" by Rose Marie Raccioppi

Wbk spirit of trees hi res
 The Blush of Beauty

Trees to flourish, 'tis bounty's call
The knowing grace of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Leaves of green, red, orange, crimson and gold
Such is the palette of grace to behold
Colors to don trees in such rapturous array
Alight flutter free to mark a season's day
The blush of beauty in colors bright
Blessed be all by the Creator's light.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
"Spirit Of The Trees"

10 July 2011

Tiger Lilies

by Regina Sabiston

Tiger LilieTiger Lilies

(click the pictures for larger versions)

This painting is of a Tiger lily. Bright orange and beautiful these flowers are perennials. I grow them here in my yard. They are similar to the wild lilies we see growing here in Saskatchewan, Canada. They are the provincial flower and grow in fields and ditches. There used to be more around our area, but there seem to be less and less every year for whatever reason. For this very reason, it is against the law to pick them. Granted, there are still some areas with many blooming, but I speak for myself when I say I miss seeing all the bright orange colored flowers that used to bloom in our ditches around the farm. As I go for my walks down the gravel roads I only capture a glimpse of one or two here and there. The lilies are lovely. Imagine all the early settlers coming to Saskatchewan and seeing fields of the bright polka dotted orange flowers. They must have been so inspired and although they would suffer long, cold winters here, they would always be greeted, once a year, with blazing orange flowers nodding their heads saying, "Welcome to Saskatchewan".

I was so inspired by the brilliant orange that I decided to paint my very own home grown lily. I want to paint some wild ones too someday so I bought a beautiful card from a photographer who had captured a wild one with many lilies blooming on one plant...which is more rare. She would like me to paint it. It's on my wish list and someday I will share it with you too. In the meantime, if you're ever out this way around this time of year, make sure you search for the tiger lilies of Saskatchewan.

The planter had to be varnished a few times, but that's easy to do and then all you need is your favorite plants.

19 June 2011

Nature walk

Nature Walkby Katina Cote

I love taking pictures, and I especially love taking nature pictures. I love how it all comes together in a picture, it's an art all in it's self, the different textures, and shapes, and patterns, you dont always, need a paint brush, or what every you use to create art, nature has a way of creating art for you, and the beauty is, you can capture it.

17 June 2011

Brown-Eyed Betty

by Regina Sabiston

Brown-Eyed BettyI believe that flowers are meant to brighten everyone's day. They do that for me. I try to take my camera with me everywhere I go just in case I am lucky enough to see a beautiful flower in full bloom. I will stop to take a photo. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find an insect who's been attracted by the flower too.

This was a gloomy day in Pemberton, B.C. It rained almost everyday while we were there. I was visiting my son who was working for Kiwit at the time. They have a quaint little Museum there that I just had to visit. This is where I found these fantastic flowers just asking me to photograph them. Because my camera is digital I like to take lots of photos. I was fortunate to be able to capture the true beauty of this awe-inspiring brown-eyed flower. I'll call her "Brown-eyed Betty".

Brown-Eyed BettyBrown-eyed Betty
Blooming beautifully
Breath-taking and awesome
You inpire me to come near
And take a closer look
Like the insects before me
Your true beauty attracts me
Like bear to honey
You sweeten my day
And allow me to dream
I close my eyes for just a moment
And imagine my favorite things
And then, briefly
I forgot my fears
And find myself in the perfect world
Of laughter and rainbows
And cherished memories
Your beauty radiates
And takes me to places
I've never been
I hear music and singing
And for a moment
I'm floating on the clouds
With the angels by my side
And all is well with the world
No wars, no fighting, no hatred
Only happy, smiling faces everywhere
And I am content
Oh "Brown-eyed Betty"
Who knew you had such power
Over me!

16 June 2011

Put on a Happy Face

by Regina Sabiston

SunflowerSunflowers Sept 5th 2003More sunflowers

Put on a happy face. That's what I do when I look at sunflowers. I just love the how they glow in the sunlight as they stand tall against the brilliant blue sky. This was a commission I did for a friend. I chose the photo from Wet Canvas...one of my favorite sources of reference photos. Of course, I deleted parts of the photo to make it a better painting. My favorite part of the photo was the way the golden petals lifted in the hot spot of the painting. I enjoy working with the transparent colors because of how it's necessary to layer the colors one on top of the other to create the luminous look and although it is more work it is all worth it in the end. I loved the centre of this sunflowers and how the dark brown contrasted with the shining yellow petals. I loved how the yellow petals glowed orange in the shadows and I loved adding just a touch of sky blue to the centre to make the painting a bit more harmonious. When I look back at my earlier works I like to ask myself what I would have do differently in my next sunflower painting. If you want to grow as an artist this is obviously a good thing to do. What would you have done differently? I think I already know.

This painting was a gift given by my friend to someone very special. Paintings of favorite flowers make truly great gifts. They will last a lifetime, but of course there's nothing like having the real thing, but then consider this. Take a of photo of the favorite flowers your gave to someone and have an artist paint them for you. Wouldn't that be a magnificent gift? Just a thought...

Well, put on a HAPPY FACE! It's like they say..."Smile and the whole world smiles with you!" Have a great day and keep on smiling.

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