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14 June 2013

Rockin' Art at the Rocklin Campus!

Sierra College Rocklin Campus Math Department Unveils a New Mural - Created by Local Mural Artist Cathy Rowe

A new mural commissioned by the Sierra College Rocklin Campus Math and Art Departments and designed by local artist Cathy Rowe will be unveiled on Monday, June 24, 2013, in the V-Building on the Rocklin Campus. Cathyrowe story

The mural has been installed on the third floor of the Kevin Ramirez, “V” building, on the Sierra College Rocklin Campus
"It has been truly exciting to create a mural for an audience with similar interests to my own, people interested in math, science, and beauty and how they fit together," says Artist Cathy Rowe

Rocklin, CA (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

Sierra College unveils a new permanent mural at the Rocklin Campus on Monday, June 24. Local artist Cathy Rowe was chosen from a large pool of applicants to create this work of art for the Sierra College Math Department to be installed in the V-Building, a Math and Technology center. The mural focuses on the beauty of mathematics in the natural world.

Artist, Cathy Rowe was born in Sacramento, California, in 1984. She is a muralist, illustrator, and gallery artist. The painting she has created for Sierra college is dominated by a spiral shape (known in the math world as a Fibonacci Spiral). The colorful images contained in the spirals are examples of how math rules the natural world (both big and small) in beautiful ways. “I have done murals for a lot of local public schools in the Roseville area, which is always a lot of fun. But it has been truly exciting to create a mural for a different audience with similar interests to my own, people interested in math, science, and beauty, and how they fit together,” says Artist Cathy Rowe. Her website cathyrowe.com highlights some of her best work in paintings, murals, and illustration.

Math Professor Jill Rafael states, “Cathy Rowe's, design combines the power and beauty of mathematics within nature. This is truly an inspiring work of art. We are certain that it will inspire for years to come."

The Sierra College Rocklin Campus is located at: 5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 95677. For more information regarding this project, contact Jill Rafael at: jrafael(at)sierracollege(dot)edu or Casey O’Connor at: coconnor(at)sierracollege(dot)edu.

Sierra College provides a challenging and supportive learning environment for students having diverse goals, abilities, and needs interested in transfer, career and technical training, and life long learning. The College’s programs and services encourage students to identify and to expand their potential. Sierra College students will develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to become engaged and contributing members of the community.

13 June 2013

"Wilson And The White House Pups" Wins Award!

WilsonwhitehousepupsChildren's Book "WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS" by Author/Illustrator Susan Castriota has Won an Award in the 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards Contest

"WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS"Susan Castriota uses Wilson, her adopted dog to inspire young minds to learn about the United States Presidents and White House History.

"If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog" President Harry S. Truman"

Original article:
Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) June 12, 2013

The judges of the 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in children's literature, have spoken. "WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS" by award winning author and illustrator Susan Castriota, has won a second-place award for Historical Fiction!

A complete list of winners can be found at Five Star Book Awards.

Of our 44 Presidents, 31 had dogs during their period of residency in the White House. "WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS", provides a wealth of information about the long and happy history of dogs residing with adoring First Families. Dogs certainly played a significant role in providing comfort, affection, and love, particularly during times of challenge for our country and its leaders. Readers have the opportunity to learn: which president's dog was the first to be photographed; which dog starred in 2 MGM films; which dog had a dog house patterned after The White House, and much more.The book has been extensively researched and is historically accurate. It has been edited by The White House Historical Association which also sells the book at its Washington, DC location. "WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS" provides a wonderful means for children to learn about history through stories of treasured animals.

As an added learning tool, children will love to see Wilson recite all of the U.S. Presidents in his YouTube video, Wilson and the White House Pups Book:

About the author

Susan Castriota designed greeting cards of the White House and has enjoyed numerous visits to the White House, including being invited to dine in the private dining room. Her most memorable and thrilling visit resulted from having been asked to design an ornament for the 2008 White House Christmas Tree and attend a reception hosted by First Lady Laura Bush. She has met President George H. W. Bush, Vice-Presidents Dick Cheney and Al Gore. Every living U.S. President has received a signed copy of the “WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS" book, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama replied with a note and autographed photos.

The book is available at Wilsongetsadopted.com, Amazon, The White House Historical Assoc. The Smithsonian, The National Zoo, The Kennedy Center, and many museums and gift shops in the DC area.

"WILSON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PUPS" is part of the book series "Willie Wilson's Wondrous Tails" created by Susan Castriota. She has appeared on many TV and radio shows with an upcoming appearance on the Emmy Award winning show, THE DOCTORS.

We're Gonna Have to FACE it: We Are Addicted to the "LIKE!" :) <3!

We're Gonna Have to FACE it:  

We Are Addicted to the "LIKE!"

by Wendie Busig-Kohn 

Does anyone remember what was the key trigger that launched Facebook's success?   Mark-zuckerberg-le-fondateur-de-facebook

It was "relationship status". How much has changed since then?

Whether you are on Facebook to keep up with the latest news, trends, works of art, or simply posting new photos of your family and personal adventures, there is one thing that all "Facebookers" share in common:  that hope for lots of LIKES!

It makes everyone feel good when they achieve likes on their posts, and, on the other hand, when those likes do not generate, it can also result in hurt feelings.

Facebook keeps changing; mostly improving, but it is a task in itself to keep up with these changes; to adjust and simply "prevail" out there on the newsfeed, isn't it?

Regardless of why you initially joined Facebook, and no matter how often you feel the need to share, to post, we all share one thing in common:  that HOPE that others will appreciate and enjoy what we have to say, showcase, or share.

There are countless "tutorials" and "advice groups" that intend to teach us how to create posts that will garner more attention.  But, the bottom line is, we each have our own style, our own missions, our own priorities, and precious moments in life that we want to share with others, don't we?

I have only a few suggestions, that may help; lessons that I have learned in my four years of posting and sharing on Facebook:

1) If you don't click LIKE on the posts of others, they will probably not click LIKE on yours!

2) Do your best to engage your friends.  No one really cares about what you are about to eat or what is playing on the radio in your car.  Give of YOURSELF, be a "friend"; one who shares and cares about other friends too!

3) Never get nasty!  What is the old analogy?  "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all"!  There is never a need to hurt another friend's feelings, even if you do not agree with their post or like what they have posted.  The best way to LOSE a friend is to publicly humiliate them by being PUBLICLY NEGATIVE.

4) SHARE!  Share the posts of friends that you DO LIKE!  It will make their day!

5)  Don't forget to wish EVERYONE on your friends' list HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  The first and most obvious reason is that it is the right thing to do.  But, it will also regenerate the interaction between you.  Sometimes, you might not see posts by certain friends for weeks or months.  Then, suddenly, the day after you wished them "Happy Birthday", their posts appear on your news feed the very next day!

6) THANK YOU.  It's that simple!  When your friends comment positively, share your posts, or they just click LIKE, it is a very good idea to take a moment and say "Thank YOU".  We forget, sometimes, how viable and valuable those two little words are, don't we? 

7) Last, but not least, when you have time, try to visit the profile pages of your favorite friends.  Odds are, you have missed a lot!!  

I, sincerely, hope that this post has been helpful, and I look forward to your continual friendship!

One Love!

(pass it on....with HUGE HUGS from me)

Wendie Busig-kohn

Eileen Hull Launches "Picket Fence" Arts and Crafts Collection

Eileen Hull Launches "Picket Fence" Arts and Crafts Collection for Sizzix

Sizzix releases specialty product line for Big Shot die cutting machine.

The Sizzix ScoreBoards XL 3-D Canning Jars Die by Eileen Hull easily creates a charming keepsake that can be used to build containers or cut flat for papercrafting projects.

“One of my favorite things about the Sizzix Big Shot is how easy it is to operate — it's the first thing my six-year-old granddaughter wants to do when she comes to visit!" said Eileen Hull, Licensed Designer for Sizzix.

LAKE FOREST, Calif. (PRWEB) June 13, 2013

Now there’s more creative options than ever when creating with mat board and chipboard. The Picket Fence collection of die cutting and embossing products for Sizzix® and its Big Shot™ die cutting machine easily transform ordinary chipboard and mat board into stylish arts and crafts creations.

Among the exciting projects that can be easily customized with each crafter’s unique personality are charming albums, cards, invitations, party favors, décor, and cherished keepsakes with garden-inspired Bigz™, Sizzlits®, and ScoreBoards™ dies. Elegant Textured Impressions™ Embossing Folders add classic garden textures to any craft project.

“My signature ScoreBoards dies cut and score thick materials like mat board and chipboard, using a technology unique to Sizzix,” said Hull. “One of my favorite things about the Sizzix Big Shot is how easy it is to operate — it's the first thing my six-year-old granddaughter wants to do when she comes to visit!"

Dimensional albums, birdhouses, canning jars and window boxes highlight Eileen’s Picket Fence collection. Stylish flowers, vines, plant markers, and seed packet envelopes add the perfect embellishing touch.

“ScoreBoards is a specialty line that lends itself to creating unique, country-inspired creations,” said Denzil Quick, Director of Product Development for Sizzix. “The heavy mat board or chipboard material makes sturdy boxes, books and heirloom pieces that can be assembled in minutes!”

The Picket Fence collection by Eileen Hull is now available in stores around the country, including local craft boutiques and major retail craft chains. For more information, visitSizzix.com.

About Eileen Hull

Eileen Hull is a designer, author and licensed artist whose work has been featured in books, magazines, shops and online. Her design style may be described as clean and sophisticated with a light touch of glitter. Her books, Matboard Magic and Foamboard Magic, were both released in 2008. Specializing in three-dimensional designs, Eileen's primary medium is mat board. Her latest endeavor has been developing an innovative line of dies for Sizzix. ScoreBoards dies are designed to cut and score mat board into boxes, folders and totes. Eileen enjoys working with recycled materials and "treasures" from thrift stores, or even better, those found on the curb! Sizzle

About Sizzix

Launched in 2001, Sizzix is a division of Ellison Educational Equipment Inc., the market pioneer and leader of die cutting machines and accessories. Through its portfolio of die cutting machines and die cutting products, Sizzix leverages Ellison’s 36 years of proven manufacturing and technology heritage to empower creativity among its customer base with new and innovative products. Sizzix is a recognized global brand that can be found in over 100 countries and in major and specialty retailers. For more information on Sizzix and its line of craft-inspiring products, please visit http://www.Sizzix.com/home.

03 June 2013

The best new gallery I have seen in years

WanderingstarThis past Saturday I had the pleasure of going to The Wandering Star Gallery in Largo Florida. This is not your stick in the mud gallery or your arrogant nose in the air type of gallery where you feel like you just stepped out of a store on Main St in the Hamptons on Long Island, NY. This gallery reminded me of the energy I use to get from progressive galleries in NYC that started movements, sparked careers and made things happen.

Tanya Pistillo is the driving force behind The Wandering Star Gallery and in my opinion she knows the difference between an artist and artiste - an artiste is someone that has gotten caught up in their own bullshit; an artist is someone who creates and molds objects in such a way to become visually pleasing, beautiful and alive.

In this amazing gallery, you can find all types of artwork contemporary to abstract, acrylics to watercolors and oils to ink and the most beautiful hand painted furniture and much more. All original works of art.

However, one thing that you can find here that you usually cannot find anywhere is the movement, dream,  focus and energy that make this place special. Please take the time to check out this amazing gallery. Stop by The Wandering Star Gallery. You will not be disappointed.

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