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29 June 2013

How ART, MUSIC, and POETRY Come Full Circle With a Continuing Mission!

When Art, Music, and Poetry Come Full Circle with a Continuing Mission to Inspire Change!

Renowned Artist Neil Jones, now a featured artist on ART4GOOD, creates the visuals that gloriously define Native American History.  Now a featured artist on ART4GOOD Auctions, please enjoy and share this video of his works, underscored by the music composed by Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night; a gift, in tribute to Flying Eagle Woman.


About the Artist:  NEIL JONES

The inspiration for his paintings stems from his childhood years on a farm, which verged on the Qu'Appelle Valley near Edgeley, Saskatchewan. This rich habitat held many superb species of wildlife, which stimulated his love for conservation and his inherent artistic abilities. Since then he has travelled from the Yukon to Wyoming, exploring the wilds along the way and studying flora and fauna in its natural state.

A self-taught artist, Neil paints in oils, sometimes working in the open air to catch the essence of the world he loves. The splendour of his work portrays aspects of the natural world in a positive and effective way that reveals a deep understanding of the environment. He hopes his paintings will take viewers beyond the environmental issues and the saving of it, to a more conscious awareness of our ecosystems.

Among other prestigious awards, Neil has twice won Wildlife Artist of the Year in Saskatchewan. His work has also been indirectly involved in conservation work, being part of the Ramsar World Wildlife Fund Banquet and Show in Regina and the Canadian Nature Federation Saskatchewan Tour. His painting “Red Fox with Goose Wing” was selected by Ducks Unlimited as part of the Royal Dinner and Auction held in the presence of the Duke of Edinburgh, President of the World Wildlife Fund.

Galleries currently representing Neil include the "West Lives On Gallery" in Jackson, Wyoming and the Ripplinger Art Gallery," (Henry's Café) in Regina, Saskatchewan. Neil's paintings have also appeared in many solo and group shows and they are held in both public and private collections throughout North America. He also teaches, lectures, adjudicates and mentors aspiring artists.


"Sisterhood of The Four Winds: Flying Eagle Woman Remembered"

The clink of champagne glasses
Paled only by importance of missions discussed
In this, a global reception of prominence 
This gathering room filled to the brim; aglow with brilliance. 

Only moments before
Cross legged on the floor 
in cocktail dresses
And tuxedos 
we took part
In a drum ceremony, 
authentic and fun
Our hearts were one. 

Now, dispersed into contingents
Of similar minds and interest
With purpose, readjust their focus
Set to mute
Those now on stage
Were only ghosts
And their message went unheard.
I wove through the crowd with talking papers
Fell into a trance like daze of flash back emotion
Of memories that had preceded this moment in time. 

It is the “Dances With Wolves Syndrome”
I had said to her upon meeting for the first time
Just one year ago.
A trend embraced, without awareness
Beyond exploitation of "being coolness"
She smiled and embraced me.“Let’s go!”
We filed into a meeting room
Where I was expected to speak
To a global group of experts who awaited me
To illuminate
To illustrate a mission, you see…
I sat down, not at their head table
Choosing independence; au contraire
I remained silent, waiting and deciding what to do
Of tense anticipation by others, I was unaware
I deferred my time to the Four Winds
Ingrid smiled and took my cue. 

Expressing her dilemma in leadership 
Representing the “Native Ones” that day.
Vicente Fox was to my left.
Many others were confused.
We left the room and some approached me
Curious to hear “my view”. 

Piuma Tribe was dying!
We were supplying, 
in place of drained riverbeds
We had taken from them
Without conscience or regret 
of impact on the lives
Of original Americans, of Tribes 
They deserved so much more respect!
I said.
Throughout our country, poverty exceeded
Third world countries and they needed
to command attention
From the World community
I felt a duty 
The Four Winds needed to be heard.
It was the right thing to do.

Now, back in real time,
in this celebratory atmosphere
Recurring attitude
Recurring passion 
Recalling that day
I am committed in my stand
I want their voices to be heard again.
It is OUR Mother Earth dying
They have a message to impart to all.
My eyes met those of Jane Goodall
Instinctively she knew exactly what to do
On stage she began with a loud imitation 
Of a chimpanzee; then gorilla
Loud and proud, she played her part;
Let forth a rebel yell with all her heart!
The room was still and silent
Heads turned 
New focus found.
Native Americans led us to higher ground.
My brothers and Sisters of the Four Winds
Found their voices
Above the din of champagne glasses 
and Echoes well beyond less important missions that evening.

Forum 2000 came quickly
New York buzzed with electricity 
World leaders all were there, but for a few
Honored once again
Invited by my “friend”, Mikhail Gorbachev, 
We began our early evening with a heavenly Penthouse view.

This forum’s first challenge was left to me.
Those chosen to be here were stranded, you see.
The Opening ceremony was about to begin.
Our tiny private elevator had stalled and jammed. 
We were separated from thousands waiting below. 
In gala attire, High Fashion, High heels, on a whim, 
I assuaged their anxiety; 
Lead them all down the back stairs,
Someone actually shouted “Follow Palm Springs!”

We arrive very late and into darkness disperse 
A voice shouted my name, no longer 
“Palm Springs”
My comrade and mentor from U.N.E.S.C.O was there
He had saved a seat for me
I felt at home, and much better known at last. 

Never before 
Never since
Was an opening ceremony so grand!
Imagine for a moment
A huge ballroom dark; 
Eight thousand silhouettes 
anticipating what this first night will bring.

Indigenous Rhythms echo
To one another.
First here
Then there
We are surrounded from above and beyond
The most stunning presentation
My Heart thumping now remembering.
But, where was Ingrid, Flying Eagle Woman?
Where is my sister of the Four Winds, I pondered.


This, such a wonderful night, drew to a close
Tom and I made time to bond again.
A familiar face entered the private lounge.
She gave us the news.
In Bogota, Columbia
She was kidnapped 
Gunned down with friends
Bodies thrown across the border 
Into Venezuela.
This Native American 
My friend
Was there for Peace Day. 

I could not speak.
I could not perceive 
Or believe such a loss
Of beauty 
Of heart.
i was completely broken.
Reaching for the phone
I called home.
Hours later, in my room, 
a ringing tone, and
Sleepless still, I answered
To the beat 
A tribute song entitled TRIBE!
Had been composed
An honor had been orchestrated in her memory.
Perhaps, the most important gift ever given to me 
Greenspoon, with stellar talent and compassion, 
Bestowed to me, an inspired, authentic interpretation 
My spirit soared as I felt her presence there and then.
Her story, now, will never end. 

I once danced her story of the Four Winds
Channeling her presence without rehearsal
Trance dancing on stage at the Annenberg Theatre
Of this I have no real memory
Yet, with certainty, I knew
I would always be a part of the 
Sisterhood of the Four Winds. 

Written by Wendie Busig-kohn


As described in the poem, the original soundtrack score for the video was composed by Jimmy Greenspoon, keyboard player for Three Dog Night, as a gift to Wendie Busig-Kohn, the night that she learned of the death of her friend.  

Only days later, this score was produced at American Recording Studios in Calabasas, California.

Joining Jimmy on keyboards and Wendie on handheld native percussion instruments were the late, great Joe Schermie (R.I.P), original bass guitarist for Three Dog Night, Floyd Sneed, original drummer for Three Dog Night, and a dear friend from Palm Springs, Drummer, Producer, Musician EXTRAORDINAIRE: Andrew Fraga.


ART4GOOD FOUNDATION is honored to represent the beautiful and inspiring works of Artist Neil Jones!  As a FEATURED ARTIST, Neil's works will be available as Limited Edition 30x40" Canvas reproductions in many upcoming auctions benefiting the most awesome charities on the planet, including, THIS SUMMER: 









The mission continues!


Charitable Organizations hosting on-line auction events will also be invited to consign and showcase the works of Neil Jones to raise monies for their causes too!


Neil jones SACAJAWEA













Neil's works are also FEATURED in ART4GOOD Book:  NATIVE!







16 June 2013

A Father's Day Poem for "Oz" by Wendie Busig-kohn

246651_10151244215445944_1503160236_nIn Memory of Oswald LeWinter

Rilke Prize Winning Poet


"Notorious" Whistleblower

Rest in Peace.



In heaven

You rest now

There was no rest on earth

You fought battles for justice

From the moment

Of your birth


Brave, yet kind

Father and Leader

You were

You would spin out



Like no other peer

You stirred

The hearts,


Of many

You opened


Stood up for truth


With grace

Your feelings

Your experiences

Shared with us

Mere mortals here

On earth

In dying

You left us

To fight on

Without fear

No one

In my life

Taught me so well

As you, “Papa Bear”

I miss our conversations

I miss you, my friend so dear.

For Oswald LeWinter (R.I.P.)

By Wendie Busig-kohn 

Father’s Day 2013:  June 16th

©All rights reserved.


Poetry of Renowned Prize Winning Poet Oswald LeWinter

can be found here


Oswald LeWinter died on February 13, 2013

Oswald lewinter

His WORDS OF ART inspired many,


was originally written by Oswald LeWinter, for Wendie Busig-Kohn, and it inspired the soundtrack by Jimmy Greenspoon that undercores this video for ART4GOOD. 

Read a sampling of Oswald LeWinter's poetry here:

Finding a Home

A Poem for Betty

Breakfast In Hell

A Tale of Our Time

A Tiny Miracle

02 June 2013

Smokey the chip eating sheep

'On the farm' naive painting by Marie Jonsson-HarrisonPainted Picture of the Country

As a lot of you know by now we live on a farm, although recently we have reduced said farm's acreage substantially. However it is and has been a wonderful place to live and for our children to grow up on, and with so many tales to tell. The farm and the country side in general was a wonderful and inspirational setting for an artist, supplying vistas that I never got tired of recreating in artworks or paintings or writing about in Art blogs. Here is a painting which sold in America which pictures the country side here, not quite our farm but a romantic view of it. What it does show is the White Ute (pickup truck) and that is what this story is all about.

One of our friends had a sheep called Smokey, not your normal type of sheep, no this one was the potato chip eating variety, that had been hand raised in a Hotel, all you had to do was to rattle a chip packet and Smokey would come running and nearly bowl you over whilst licking her lips. The Publican and his wife were now moving away, the cute but by now Big sheep was looking for a new home. Yep and that was us, so Bryan dear hubby of mine thought he would swing past said friend and pick Smokey up.

What a Picture

thu ute and sheepHe rolled up in his White ute and now with a bit of blokey discussion back and forth they decided that the only way they could transport this sheep (as he was you know, more like a family member than a sheep) in the FRONT Seat of the ute.

Yep that's right, that's where Smokey sat for the 25 minute drive from Mallala to Balaklava. Oh did I forget to tell you, of course he had his seat belt done up, that's the road rules you know.

sheepSo here is little wifey-poo patiently waiting for hubby and sheep to arrive home, you know on the back of the ute like, and I cannot tell you of the fright I got when they arrived home late after dark and I looked into the passenger window and saw this very strange creature sitting there looking at me, sitting on her bum mind you, upright with the seatbelt across her and looking out the window.

Crazy men, I just thank the lucky stars that she sat perfectly still the entire trip cause otherwise neither of them would probably have made it home that night. Lol

Here is some more of the wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde with his quote:

"I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability"

I hope you will come and visit me again, till next time, happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie

30 May 2013

Giving Paintings as Gifts

Artist Inge SelmerNaive Art Book
So as some of you may already know that read my artblog last week 180 Art and the kindness of strangers that I was just given a wonderful Danish Naive artbook called "Naivister i Danmark" written by Ole Lindboe and also incredibly 3 original paintings. These amazing gifts were sent by the Danish art galleryowner Knud Grothe who runs the fabulously successful art gallery called Galerie Knud Grothe in Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Art gallery in Denmark

Charlottenlund is one of the most affluent suburbs in Copenhagen and got it's name from Princess Charlotte Amalie, she is the daughter of King Frederick lV and the sister of King Christian Vl who rebuilt the Gyldenlund Palace in 1733 and named it Charlottenlund Palace after her.

This suburb Charlottenlund is also the home to Danish celebrities and corporate executives and lots of other wealthy individuals and families, the suburb has lots of gorgeous ocean views and most of the mansions and estates are around the Strandvejen (Beach Road).

Naive Artists

Anyway the paintings I was so generously given are on stretched canvas and one on canvas board by 3 naif artists; Isis de Sequeira, Jan Thomas and Inge Selmer, all very different but equally wonderful.

Artist Isis De Sequeira

Isis originally heralds from Brazil but these days live in Denmark and this particular work is a very detailed miniature beach scene with a lovely green ocean with people enjoying the sun and surf called Danish Bacon (which I imagine is tongue in cheek for smoking or cooking your body in the sun). It is reminiscent of the days I have spent by the Australian beach and no doubt has been influenced by the travelling that Isis has done as well.

Artist Jan Thomas

Jan's distinctive artwork is called Nyhavn which is the 17th-century waterfront canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nyhavn was actually constructed by King Christian V and dug by Swedish war prisoners from the Danish-Swedish War in 1658-1660. In those days it was notorious for beer, sailors and prostitution but these days is brightly lined by coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants. Jan has captured the ambiance of this district with a family out for a Sunday stroll, a fish monger, tattoo parlor, a prostitute waiting for business, musicians and much more.

Artist Inge Selmer

The third painting I received was by Inge Semler who says that when she paints she disappears into her own little world and it is never too late to get oneself a happy childhood. This gorgeous work sees a bride in all her finery furiously pedaling her bike through the green countryside to get to the church on time with her veil blowing behind her in the wind. The title is "The Groom awaits" which suits the painting down to a T.

The Art of Giving

Again thank you very much Knud for your generous gifts which is giving me so much pleasure every day.

Here is a quote I think fits well here by Terri Guillemets;

"Good fortune shies away from gloom. Keep your spirits up. Good things will come to you and you will come to good things"

Till next time,

Love Marie xxx

28 September 2012



Rebel Wolf

Their eyes

whether wolves or superstars,

searing images leap from the page

into our hearts

An artist, a Poet, a Leader without peer

Rebel Wolf leads the pack

a friend so very dear.


She is witty, courageous, and trusting

above all

she is there when you need her

always responding to your call

to help

to champion

her artist peers

a woman so vital and loving, so dear.


I remember so well

the early days of our creative jam

when "going around the mountain" was a slogan we canned

for UK vs US communication faux pas'

All that time, I was truly and always in awe.


Friends come into our lives for a reason,

many leave without one too,

but I cannot even begin to imagine,

my life without you!


In hospital now, I can feel your fear

I want to be there

to comfort you Tracie dear

 My eyes are welled with tears of concern

I simply cannot wait for the day you will return

to all of us who know and love you much

We miss you, we love you,

Thanks for that special touch

you have imparted to each of us

along the way

Tracie, this is the best way I know how to pray

You live in my heart...every single passing day.

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