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28 July 2011

Early Spiritual Journey

by Annebeth Riles

ChildhoodRepairing the Generations
Chapter 3 - Spiritual Journey before leaving Pompton Plains

Early memories

Praying for:

  • My brother's safety at sea
  • For a horse
  • For Mom and Dad to get along
  • For Mom not to die
  • For another baby in the family

Praising God for:

  • Spring flowers' perfume
  • The warmth of the sun
  • The feel of cool grass on bare feet
  • The colours of the sunset
  • The magnificence of the ocean crashing on the rock, where I would sit, hearing, seeing and feeling the power
  • The myriad of stars

Two main branches to my spiritual development in childhood were the Catholic Church, as practiced by my Mother, and love of Nature as practiced by my Father.

Catholic Church

Mother would make sure that we had everything ready on a Saturday night, clothes laid out, and collection envelope filled, so that we would have ease in getting ready for Church on Sunday morning.

We would dress and not eat, because we were fasting before communion. Then pack into the car, leaving time for 10 minutes of silence before Mass began. I liked going to church with my Mother. I could snuggle into her big fur coat in the winter. In the summer I enjoyed the cool wooden church pews on my bare legs.

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Ten Point Countdown!

by Annebeth Riles

Jetty ShadowTen Point Countdown for Sustainable Steps into a Brighter Future

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...Blast Off!

  • 10: Don't Delay Start Today
    Do what you can each day, with what you have, Waiting for that perfect time in the future when you own an organic farm, electric car, or head up a not-for-profit organization? It may never happen. But you can change the world for the better today, by starting to appreciate and share the resources you have available to you, especially your time. To make your dreams come into reality, you must first wake up, and take a look at the lives of others who have achieved what you desire, and attempt to set up a knowledge transfer. Do not covet, or be jealous of others. Instead, volunteer to help out on an organic farm, humanitarian project, or other activity worthy of your time. People at the top have been through a lot to position themselves, and are often extremely busy. So, offer to help and learn good habits that will affect your destiny. You need to do the work to get into the position that you desire: wishing, and hoping, and thinking and praying is not enough. Success requires effort. We begin our countdown with a call to action.
  • 9: Be Honest with Yourself and Others
    Everyone who is longing to build a better world needs to get into positive lasting friendships with others. Just as in building a house, it all starts with digging holes to put in foundation posts, then a cornerstone. The strength of the house is determined by the strength of a foundation. Your friendships form a foundation and supply building blocks for creating a sustainable future together. To achieve much, many are needed, collectively working with all of their strength, toward completing a measurable goal. What abilities, gifts or talents can you share? Be honest, because nothing erodes friendships quicker than a lying tongue: saying that you will do something, and then not doing it is a No-No. Pretending you are more or less than you tell people you are just casts a veil of dishonesty about your character, and then you will soon find yourself standing alone, and trying again to build a positive sustainable future. Tell the truth. Let your "Yes" mean "Yes" and your "No" mean "No".

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05 June 2011

Oceans Outreach 4 Unity, Peace & Protection of Our Planet

by Annebeth Riles

PeaceToday is 'World Environment Day'. A good day for us to think about the fact that water covers 80% of the Earth's surface...and 97% of that water is sea water. Our vast oceans harbour a hidden world of beautiful fish, plants, volcanos, giant gas bubbles and mineral deposits. Our oceans supply us with food, transportation and they also play a vital role in affecting the world's climate.

Oceans are the perfect place to begin a new initiative for PEACE because oceans are neutral and join land masses together like giant bridges. They provide a buffer zone for land based tensions.

We all began our journey into life in the oceans of our Mother's womb...perhaps now is the time to look at the oceans as we give birth to PEACE on Earth, and UNITY among peoples, as we Protect our Planet...TOGETHER.

01 May 2011

Empathy and encouragement

by Annebeth Riles

I feel really bad about all the fighting and destruction going on in the world...then I see a single dark brown colt running by with glee. He does not know of the pain families are going through who have lost their loved ones over the past few days and so many others who have lost their homes, possessions, businesses. Life will never be the same for Survivors. Are You Prepared? Be a Blessing to Everyone...and someday we will meet in a land of total blessings. We will run free like colts and fillies on fields of green.

13 April 2011


"WORDS heal grief and they open wounds. They lift us up and they crush us. They bolster our confidence and they rob us of our dignity. Used thoughtfully, they can enhance our regard for another. Used maliciously, they splinter reputations. Words admit us into the lives of others. Words are mirrors of our own souls." ~ Sacred Space


Annebeth Riles

Annebeth RilesMy life can be traced from Poland to New Jersey for my formative years, University in California, Biological Educational Expeditions in Baja, followed by my first around the world trip before finally settling in New Zealand, raising four children and fostering many more.

Pioneering social services agencies to assist people with epilepsy and other physical and neurological disabilities. Changing focus to Research and Development of programs to assist at risk Youth and Families, I gained an MBA.

Then I purchased a 550 acre property, green mountains on a private bay to which I added farm and exotic animals and, over the past decade, have developed two things:

  • Tira Ora Estate - a model of sustainability, attracting Artists, Musicians, Writers and Ecologists from many nations. This property is evolving into the world's first Eco-state.
  • Creation Museum & Abbey Oceania - a 90 room three story facility for Training & Development in the art of family building in order to reduce instances of domestic violence in our nation.

There are No-Excuses! We must LOVE one another!

No-Excuses has been my handle for this style of Corrective Training that brings JOY back into the hearts of participants, and is my contribution to World Peace...

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