Wendie Busig-Kohn

The Artist In You

At twenty, perhaps the youngest publisher in the United States, she launched her first magazine. Before Baltimore Magazine, CONTEMPO MAGAZINE was a hip, artsy magazine that got the exclusive story! Coverage of visiting icons of music, theatre, and fashion included The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Rich Little, Carol Channing, Mitzi Gaynor, Three Dog Night, Gloria Steinem, Alexander Cohen, and so many more. A major department store showcased the premiere edition, proudly, in their storefront windows as a fashionable must have "accessory"!

Several years later, she launched the original Malibu Magazine and was featured in articles in Advertising Age and Folio magazines. It was 1984 and Opening Night brought out the stars including Jan Michael Vincent, Gary Busey, Larry Hagman, Cheech Marin, Billy Burton, Don Simpson, Marlon Brando, and the paparazzi L.A.! Timothy Leary did not attend that night, but later remarked, "But, of course I still have Malibu, darling...you can always tell how truly hip a person is, when you walk into their home and see Malibu on their coffee table". He said that 2 years later. One woman wrote from Holland that a friend had sent her a copy, "it certainly brightened an otherwise dreary day in Amsterdam, and filled my heart with happy days of Malibu sunshine memories" and insisted on subscribing from "across the pond".

Her concept of The Artist in You Blog is quite simple, the focus powerful.

"Why blog alone? Come Together! Write Here! Write Now!"

Given the plethora of blogs that focus on what's controversial, what is hot based on scandal, political divide and religious opinion, The Artist in You Blog is for those who wish to read about what is good, creative, inspiring in the world today. The Artist in You Blog is for those who want to write about "The Bigger Picture"; who is giving back, leading by example, making the world just a little bit better each day, and to provide a place of focus for "the creative ones".

"It is always the creative ones who truly change the world. Let's rock", said Busig-kohn about the focus and direction. The mission of THE ARTIST IN YOU. The Artist in You Blog is a significant feature of THE ARTIST IN YOU company; part of a global nexus of affinity with one mission: "to celebrate creativity and give back!"

"What you perceive and believe you can achieve...but it takes a lot of commitment and due diligence. The Artist in You celebrated it's one year anniversary on Facebook, April 7th, 2011. In one year, we have launched THE ARTIST IN YOU TV CHANNEL ON YOU TUBE, built our monthly Facebook Page views to two million, and now we are proud to launch THE ARTIST IN YOU BLOG! I've previously blogged and written articles for the Desert Sun online edition here in the Coachella Valley. But, as much as I look forward to an occasional blog post of my own, my excitement builds each day as I marvel and delight in the words of art..of others!" ONE LOVE!

"Although Ms. Busig-Kohn has often been introduced as 'the most brilliant marketing person that I know', by many clients and colleagues, (originally by The Wall Street Journal) her professional expertise and experience runs the gamut of related fields including Special Event production, publishing, and public relations."

In 1993, she was nominated and accepted into the "Who's Who of Global Business Leaders", for her career achievements. During 1995 and 1996, she devoted her focus and invested her efforts and expertise in ongoing development, consultation, and participation in and for world healing events, including "The World Music Awards", and "The State of The World Forum" (By invitation from President Mikhail Gorbachev). In 2000, she attended and participated in the UN Millennium Summit as Alumni of The State of The World Forum, and, again in 2004 and 2005, assisted coordination of International press coverage of The World Music Awards. In 2007, she was nominated and accepted into the Cambridge Who's Who in America; then selected and honored further by same into the Special Honors Edition category. In 2008, named "Executive Professional of the Year"; one of two women honored in the category of Marketing and Fund Raising, from 250,000 membership of leading executive professionals in the United States. In 2009, she was inducted into the HALL OF FAME by The Cambridge Who's Who. "Authentic Powerful People" featured her as a member in 2010.

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