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28 October 2013



Artists are giving back to the most wonderful charitable organizations on the planet!  Beginning October 28th,  ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc., is very proud to debut the works of the most awesome artists we have discoverd on Facebook, who will now be FEATURED on ART4GOOD Charity Auctions!

NEW and FEATURED Artists include:

Arzell Papazell Nelson!    Bhavna Bhen!    Brandon Scott!    Debi Gorga!     Derek Rutt!    

Kathleen Berry Bergeron!    Niels Breum!    Samuel Johnson!   Siddartha Beth Pierce!  

Theresa Gaylord!  with more new works by  NEIL JONES and Art by WBK! 

Two hundred and twenty six NEW and truly wonderful works of art

have been added to our

"Best of 2013" Auction!  

By popular demand, a NEW SIZE Canvas, for ART LOVERS with limited wall space!  For those who are also following the new trend of creating an entire wall space with multiple canvases, ("mosaic style/side by side flush wall scaping" without the need or cost of a frame as seen recently in many films and TV shows, where the way cool, and the very home decor elite set the trends!) Make an impact to WOW your friends and guests as one singular sensation of your favorite canvas prints!) 

Pre-stretched, ready to showcase in your home, office, restaurant, hotel; place of business, you will surely delight in a new and brilliant collection!  

Just imagine:  Every time you appreciate your new works of art, you will also KNOW that by winning, you helped others give back!

Give the gift of ART!  See hundreds more works of Fine Art, Collectible Art, Jewelry, Awesome Gifts and Travel Opportunities that support the most wonderful charities on earth!

Let’s get started! Click here to see hundreds and hundreds of awesome offerings:  ART4GOOD on Bidding For Good!

We will also be featuring NEW Celebrity Memorabilia! Couture and Fine Jewelry! and Travel and Unique Experieces and Collectibles too!  Over 1,700 offerings are on auction now here!

Give Back=Get More!


THANK YOU for ALL that YOU DO to HELP others!  

We look forward to seeing YOU soon, and we hope you will spread a  little love by inviting your friends too, by sharing and forwarding this message!



08 October 2013



I remember the first time I met Jon Bon Jovi almost like it was yesterday! 

I boarded the plane in Los Angeles, on my way to New York, via New Jersey, and shared the first class cabin with a group of very friendly musicians.  Blushing, now, I recall asking them where they were from, and then asked if they performed all around the State of New Jersey.  Good hearted fellas they were, only slightly bemused that I had no idea how successful and famous they already were at that time!

I did, later, become a huge fan when "Who Says You Can't Go Home" became almost a personal anthem for me.  I became an even bigger fan, as I watched the path of philanthropy that Jon followed, then lead and inspired others to do the same.

The last time I met Jon, was backstage at the World Music Awards in Los Angeles.  By then, I knew his music, admired and respected his focus to give back, and also noticed that we were "dressed like twins" in our black leathers!  

Jon Bon Jovi may have earned his initial recognition as the front man of a glam rock band, but let's take a few moments to realize his overall impact in the world today!

Here is a list of charitable organizations that Jon has supported through the years, according to Look To The Stars.org : 

Have YOU heard about Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen?  Folks pay what they can, when they can, but every soul is served good food.  He rocks, doesn't he?

So, how can YOU help Jon help others?

Why should we help Jon help others?


ART4GOOD Foundation is currently hosting a HUGE on-line Auction!

There is something for everyone, and net proceeds will be donated, directly to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, via CrowdRise!

(psst!  you can make a direct donation now, or any time here!)

 "...Love can move mountains...."  Sing along?


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