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13 August 2013


THE GENIUS by WBKIt doesn't take a genius to realize that in today's world, marketing art is, indeed, a challenge!

When I began to create art works, it was an experiment in healing; one that worked!  I discovered that when I would immerse myself in creativity, my right brain would cease to realize the excruciating pain in my body for a while.

I began to create after suffering a mild stroke, back in 2011.  My "other half" decided to go shopping for art supplies and insisted that I try my hand, the one that was still "working", and experiment!

To date, I am delighted to report that through my creative endeavors, I have been able to donate to many wonderful charitable organizations, on a weekly basis, resulting from sales on ART4GOOD Auctions!

I'd like to take a moment to THANK YOU for supporting both my visual art works on auction and the ART2Wear Collectible Jewelry!

Because of YOU
Because YOU love what I do
I have been able to donate proceeds to the following list of charities these past two years:

Conservation Lands Foundation
Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation
DNA Foundation
DreamCatchers Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary
Habitat for Humanity
Feeding America
Doctors without Borders
Stand up 2 Cancer
Animal Humane Society
Amnesty International
Autism Speaks
St Judes Hospital 
Nothing but Nets
United Nations Foundation
International Rescue Committee
Make a Wish Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
ONE Campaign
Native American Heritage Association
The Prince's Trust
Clinton Foundation UNICEF
Andre Agassi Foundation
M J Fox Parkinson's Foundation
Lupus LA
Give Back Hollywood 
Barbra Streisand CrowdRise Team for Women's Heart Center
The Trevor Project 
American Red Cross 
Poject Arrowhead 
Feed A Child 2012 
Enough Project 
Team Tre: Sickle Cell Disease 
Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, 
Wounded Warriors, 
Reader to Reader, 
Native American Heritage Association, 
American Cancer Society, 
Cure Epilepsy Campaign, 
Operation Respect, 
BDPA NY Scholarship, 
Imagine Scholar Inc, 
Will Ferrell's Cancer For College Campaign, 
Edward Norton's Maasai Wilderness Campaign
Jason Bateman's City Year Campaign

So, where did it all begin?  Who is "THE ARTIST"...in me?

You are never too old to learn something new! Although my background and successes throughout my career are primarily those that required the "Art of Visualization and Organization", I guess I am best quoted for saying two things relevant to the ARTS of all genres: "It is always the creative ones who truly change the world..Let's ROCK"...and "What you truly believe and perceive you can achieve; but it takes a lot of focus, due diligence and hard work!"

 Not unlike Michael Jackson, Lady Ga Ga, and millions of others, I suffer from SLE/LUPUS. A crippling disease, my spirit and determination has never ceased from giving back to charities that I care about. I am a dedicated "VOLUNTEER" with a mission  to "Inspire Change With Every Brush Stroke" via  all of the growing interactive programs likes The Artist In You TV channel, The Artist In You Blog, and acts as Founding Chairperson and CEO of ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc.,  !! See more here: http://www.art4goodfoundation.com/our-mission/ 

 Previously recognized in the Global Who's Who of World Business Leaders, Awarded Professional Person of the Year and now in the Hall of Fame in Cambridge Who's Who for leadership in philanthropic branding and marketing, last year I was also awarded  Woman Of the Year in the category of "Greatest Minds of the 21st Century".

I'm just getting started!

My  works are now featured in 7 collectible ART BOOKS that donate proceeds to support keeping ARTS in the Schools!  See an ENTIRE PREVIEW of her own book entitled “ART AND HEALING” by clicking here:  http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3543042



Recently, I also extended my creative mission to create an extensive line of ART FABRICS for the "DESIGNER...in..YOU", and many are now available in a variety of fabrics and also as WALLPAPER for your home/office and even some very colorful alternative wrapping papers for gifts.  View my entire collection  HERE!

What's NEXT?

As the ART4GOOD Foundation continues to expand with new partnerships that will underscore the fund raising capabilities of multitudes of awesome charities, my work has only just begun!

Soon, too, there will be a very upscale line of deluxe bedding featuring my art too!


Do, please "SCORE BIG" and support great charities each week Right Here, Right Now!


Pass it on.....


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