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13 June 2013

We're Gonna Have to FACE it: We Are Addicted to the "LIKE!" :) <3!

We're Gonna Have to FACE it:  

We Are Addicted to the "LIKE!"

by Wendie Busig-Kohn 

Does anyone remember what was the key trigger that launched Facebook's success?   Mark-zuckerberg-le-fondateur-de-facebook

It was "relationship status". How much has changed since then?

Whether you are on Facebook to keep up with the latest news, trends, works of art, or simply posting new photos of your family and personal adventures, there is one thing that all "Facebookers" share in common:  that hope for lots of LIKES!

It makes everyone feel good when they achieve likes on their posts, and, on the other hand, when those likes do not generate, it can also result in hurt feelings.

Facebook keeps changing; mostly improving, but it is a task in itself to keep up with these changes; to adjust and simply "prevail" out there on the newsfeed, isn't it?

Regardless of why you initially joined Facebook, and no matter how often you feel the need to share, to post, we all share one thing in common:  that HOPE that others will appreciate and enjoy what we have to say, showcase, or share.

There are countless "tutorials" and "advice groups" that intend to teach us how to create posts that will garner more attention.  But, the bottom line is, we each have our own style, our own missions, our own priorities, and precious moments in life that we want to share with others, don't we?

I have only a few suggestions, that may help; lessons that I have learned in my four years of posting and sharing on Facebook:

1) If you don't click LIKE on the posts of others, they will probably not click LIKE on yours!

2) Do your best to engage your friends.  No one really cares about what you are about to eat or what is playing on the radio in your car.  Give of YOURSELF, be a "friend"; one who shares and cares about other friends too!

3) Never get nasty!  What is the old analogy?  "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all"!  There is never a need to hurt another friend's feelings, even if you do not agree with their post or like what they have posted.  The best way to LOSE a friend is to publicly humiliate them by being PUBLICLY NEGATIVE.

4) SHARE!  Share the posts of friends that you DO LIKE!  It will make their day!

5)  Don't forget to wish EVERYONE on your friends' list HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  The first and most obvious reason is that it is the right thing to do.  But, it will also regenerate the interaction between you.  Sometimes, you might not see posts by certain friends for weeks or months.  Then, suddenly, the day after you wished them "Happy Birthday", their posts appear on your news feed the very next day!

6) THANK YOU.  It's that simple!  When your friends comment positively, share your posts, or they just click LIKE, it is a very good idea to take a moment and say "Thank YOU".  We forget, sometimes, how viable and valuable those two little words are, don't we? 

7) Last, but not least, when you have time, try to visit the profile pages of your favorite friends.  Odds are, you have missed a lot!!  

I, sincerely, hope that this post has been helpful, and I look forward to your continual friendship!

One Love!

(pass it on....with HUGE HUGS from me)

Wendie Busig-kohn


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