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02 June 2013

Smokey the chip eating sheep

'On the farm' naive painting by Marie Jonsson-HarrisonPainted Picture of the Country

As a lot of you know by now we live on a farm, although recently we have reduced said farm's acreage substantially. However it is and has been a wonderful place to live and for our children to grow up on, and with so many tales to tell. The farm and the country side in general was a wonderful and inspirational setting for an artist, supplying vistas that I never got tired of recreating in artworks or paintings or writing about in Art blogs. Here is a painting which sold in America which pictures the country side here, not quite our farm but a romantic view of it. What it does show is the White Ute (pickup truck) and that is what this story is all about.

One of our friends had a sheep called Smokey, not your normal type of sheep, no this one was the potato chip eating variety, that had been hand raised in a Hotel, all you had to do was to rattle a chip packet and Smokey would come running and nearly bowl you over whilst licking her lips. The Publican and his wife were now moving away, the cute but by now Big sheep was looking for a new home. Yep and that was us, so Bryan dear hubby of mine thought he would swing past said friend and pick Smokey up.

What a Picture

thu ute and sheepHe rolled up in his White ute and now with a bit of blokey discussion back and forth they decided that the only way they could transport this sheep (as he was you know, more like a family member than a sheep) in the FRONT Seat of the ute.

Yep that's right, that's where Smokey sat for the 25 minute drive from Mallala to Balaklava. Oh did I forget to tell you, of course he had his seat belt done up, that's the road rules you know.

sheepSo here is little wifey-poo patiently waiting for hubby and sheep to arrive home, you know on the back of the ute like, and I cannot tell you of the fright I got when they arrived home late after dark and I looked into the passenger window and saw this very strange creature sitting there looking at me, sitting on her bum mind you, upright with the seatbelt across her and looking out the window.

Crazy men, I just thank the lucky stars that she sat perfectly still the entire trip cause otherwise neither of them would probably have made it home that night. Lol

Here is some more of the wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde with his quote:

"I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability"

I hope you will come and visit me again, till next time, happy painting and sculpting to you all!

Love Marie


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