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20 May 2012

Other Worlds - Art & Time Project

by Isa LeWinter and Diane Morinich

Other Worlds by Isa LeWinterLiving With Demons
Lately my world is occupied with monsters
Beasts that inhabit my home,
Sometimes they have fangs dripping with blood
Eyes, red and terrible filling me with fear

Others moan like ghosts dragging chains
Of past sins that weigh them down
Trying to catch up to me
To pass on their horror and free themselves

Why now, what happened that I should
Deserve this terror, the dreadfulness
So alarming I can no longer sleep
Or is this a slumber, a nightmare?

I can no longer tell the reality
From the traumatic dreams, or corporality
Rather than the state of my spiritual form
Why am I being stalked and by what?

Am I being penalized for past sins
So shocking that there is no punishment
In the here and now, no jail
On this earth to satisfy the gods of retribution

For whatever I have done, I don’t know anymore
I beg forgiveness and plead that the ghastly monsters leave
Please go and bring back my peace and tranquility
And I promise to be endlessly virtuous forevermore.

Poetry: "Living With Demons" by Diane Morinich.
© 2012 - all rights reserved.

Art: "Other Worlds" by Isa LeWinter.
© 2012 - all rights reserved.

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The inside scoop!

Back in 2011, The Artist In You challenged folks to post their Art and engaged Poets from around the world to 'mash up' their words of art to translate how each work made them feel! Synergy of thought and creative process engaged hundreds of thousands to view, like and participate. 'The Ultimate Collection' (working title) Art and Poetry book series mission was born! Have you seen the video yet?

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Make a pledge!Through Kickstarter, our goal is to receive pledges for at least $5,000 by Sunday May 20th 2012. When this goal is reached, we will be able to begin producing the first in the series of "Art and Time" books - unique collaborations between artists and poets.

The proceeds from the sale of these innovative Coffee Table Books will be donated to support after school Art Programs for kids of all ages!

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