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17 May 2012

Just You - Art & Time Project

by Wendie Busig-kohn

Just You by Wendie Busig-kohnJust You
'Left turn from hell',
Your chilling words rang so true
I was just another one of those people
Talking at you
On the same page
Yet, from a different stage
I, truly, see
I can only imagine
The fury you must sometimes feel
On other people’s unfounded expectations
Who fail to see
How very real
YOU are
Sensitive and Ingenious
Creative and discreet
A true new leader
Lives in YOU
And before your life is complete
You will find the final courage
To accept YOUR destiny
To carry that torch
And run your own direction
Light the world
In your own reflection
Let them see
YOUR very own prophetic fantasy
Let them know
The very heart of YOU
On the same page
Yet, in a world apart
From a different stage
Yet, of the same heart
YOU are not alone
YOU will not be betrayed
By those who SEE

Poetry: "Just You" by Wendie Busig-kohn.
© 1996 - all rights reserved.

Art: "Just You" by Wendie Busig-kohn.
© 2012 - all rights reserved.

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