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10 posts from November 2011

20 November 2011

Spanish Lace (Catalonia)

by Scott Loveall

Barcelonathe sunlight is different
in these Barcelona streets.
perhaps it is the dust
that drifts in from the desert,
perhaps it is the languages
that caress the caverns of my ears.

it is not the paella nor is it the sangria,
is it something in the music?
something seems caught
in the mortar that chants to the east,
andalusian whispers from the brick.
is it the Moors speaking in castanets?

it is the nuance, the passion,
that extra something rojo on the sky.
it is the blonde Spanish lace,
the mongrel Iberian soul.
it is the lyric of the Catalan,
and the way the sun sets within their eyes.

© 2011, Poetry by Scott N. Loveall, Innersongs.com
© 2011, Photo Art by Antonio Santos

15 November 2011

Aunt Barbara's Hats

by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)

HatsI still remember that days, those days are always in my mind
Some memories are happy and some are sad
But they are about of my past life
I wish sometimes I could live back in that moments
When me and my brother played together
Some times fights, some times joys
But days were really best of my life

Now days are longer, nights are colder
Life is busy, no time for each other
I miss with sisters fight
Is there any way to go back in my life

Mom RAN after me, when I broke flowerpots
She says for study, and I ran to play on roof
My games were better than my study
I just pick colors and start colouring

I still remember those days, in between me and my life
When my grandma told a story for night
Then me with brother slept in between
And next day we ask, what was the end of that story

I still remember that all days, those days are never gonna come again

© 2011, Poetry by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)

13 November 2011

Life Without Love

by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)

Life Without LoveI don't think that those times will come again in my life
Days are cold and I'm standing on road side
Thirst for love and waiting for the right time
Where have you gone I'm finding you day and nights

I'm screaming your name where I saw you last time
I'm feeling I'm blind since you gone from my life
How could you be heartless when you're also looking for love
I'm sitting outside in cold nights it seems my life without love

No control on my pains flooding in my veins
I never mistreated you even nor used word- Hate
I'm crazy when I'm with you and you say I'm insane
In this house only we are two then why you're playing sick games

Come back home I took all blames on me
Even it was you but I'll forget everything
You need me I need you we both need love
I can't live like this why my life without love

© 2011, Poetry and Art by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)

11 November 2011

Sand in my Shoes

by Cynthia Parrott

Sand in my Shoes
I was standing on the beach, watching the waves crashing at my feet.
Miles of shore, massive to a child of barely ten.
I pondered the disease that had stolen my mother, as the birds flew by carelessly.
Swooping down, suddenly one trapped a fish and swallowed in a single gulp.
Horrified, was this the end of the fish’s being?
Continuing along the shore, a crab scurried amidst the powder dunes.
"Mr. Crab be careful" I cried as the birds began to encroach.
He did not appear to hear me, so I gently cupped him in my tiny hands.
Just in time, as the gull plunged, instead he ate a mass of sand.
I carried the crab to the nearby reeds, depositing him ever so gently.
Thunder in the distance, my father announced it was time to go.
At home I obediently removed my shoes, by the kitchen entry.
Sand still balmy from the beating sun, sand in my shoes.
I filled a baggy with the sand, my father head shook with disapproval.
"A reminder" I said.
"Of...?" He questioned.
"Of how precious life is" I replied.

© 2011, Cynthia Parrott
From my upcoming book entitled "Like A Hole In The Head"

08 November 2011

Lean on me

by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)

Lean On MeThinking about my life, I think and I sigh
My past to the Future, all mistakes and all sorrows
I cried but sometimes smiled, and I never fell down
I'm carrying all the loads, my back is much strong

Grinding by time to time, tic toc runaway time
Too much pride for my life, but now I need just embrace one time
There are many for lean on me, Come and I'm always ready for this
My family and friends are important for me, Because for keeping my head they always give it to me

Call me whenever you need, everynight before I sleep
I think twice about my kids, who will run with them, after me
I understand you and you do same, everyone in this world need to share
Hold my hand don't afraid in this night, I'll get you on the other day side

We all need somebody to lean on, I'm with you whether the weather is full of storm
There are some who can't bear their load alone, you know I'm always there to give you support
Just tell me, when and how you need me, no need to walk alone I'm right up there
I'm always kind of helping hand, you might be lean on me and I'll lean on God.

© 2011, Poetry by Chetan Dheer (a.k.a Es Etan)
© 2011, "Lean On Me" Painting by Tracie Koziura

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