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04 August 2011

The Pressure of Light

by Innerdialect

ScottTalking to Scott N Loveall ~ Poet and Photographer, Suncoast, Florida.

When I meet Scott's poetry "...dance of suncoast voice/greedy cries of seagulls..." , the deep velvet of Dark Pastels and this morning Deeds of Common Sense, I am thinking, "Step carefully into his Poetry Vault! Don't say a word, just listen."

The Darker Side of Pastel
These are not the breathy scratch of chalks,
but the smear of oils,
of rain washed neon,
the shadows of wildflowers at 8 AM,
of bricks through hearth-fire.
Not sunday school lemon and candy floss
but the ambers of age, of wisdom,
of autumn and harvest.
Inner songs
"Have you ever sat in the moments just before first light and felt the change from darkness on your skin? If you listen it is palpable." ~ The Pressure of Light

He is raw and meticulous. Unbridled yet quiet in his passion for both mystery and serious laughter. If you love poetry, here is a heady mix of colour and light on a verbal palette to watch! Curiousity got us talking...

ID: Fascinated! I'm staring at your words.
Scott: Thank you. I trust that staring at words is a good thing. If I could only paint with words as you do with light!

ID: (hey I did?) There's more to this than visibility.
Scott: Light exists between moments, silences. We blink it away. It makes our loved ones shine and reveals that which we didn't know is there. (See: Unleashed...in the pressure of morning) Have you ever sat in the moments just before first light and felt the change from darkness on your skin? If you listen with your body it is palpable.

ID: (I had, but he was framing it for posterity and how!) The Change from Darkness to Light - define Expression for us?
Scott: It is Communication: unique to each and requiring internal congruity - when the mirror of what you create delights you and speaks back with agreement. It is what spills out of your fingertips if you paint or write, even if it comes from darkness. A singer or musician can elicit emotion from us, but that must also meet their inner criteria, reflecting their intent. All expression has the ability to move another in some fashion even if it is distaste. Opera, Pop Art, and Chaucer match someones taste for expression. Others find they need a cultural structure to their music, phrasing, or art.

ID: The best and the worst thing that can happen to an artist?
Scott: Other than losing their passion for wanting to create and share, I am no authority to speak for other artists. Any 'successful' artist, in any medium, should first create to please themselves. It is all so different for each of us. For me the worst thing that can happen is to take myself too seriously, to lose touch with the spontaneity of creativity. I have written all of my poetry, prose, and books in another space. I just have to go into that space, access what is written there and channel it here. I think a painter does that in some fashion as well. Matter can never be destroyed it just changes states.

The Dark Sides of Pastels was a product of curiosity and need. Colors are most often associated with foods, spices...an Artist's palette which has labels like Vermillion or Azure. Also metals(ores), minerals, and gems. Things of nature. Things that touch a chord in us. Darker, somber colors have 'shadows' to them. They are also colors of time. They are 'in contrast', suggested, covered, passive. We use the term muted as if we, or they, have quieted their voice. My curiosity led to the challenge of how to convey them. I can say: Lemon, Cinnamon, or Jade, but to name their reflections one usually needs simile or metaphor like Patrolman Blue or pink healthy as gums.

ID: So the thread running through this is 'spontaneity'?
Scott: Hmmm. More...not trying to censor yourself? A glass of wine maybe? Try and loosen the critical mind, let the harness off as it were. A zone when painting, outside of yourself. Watching it unfold.

ID: (It was getting late - not for my wildly shining Indian sky, but his) Great talking to you, Scott. Your sun must've set, mine has woken up and it's the same blinkn' sun!
Scott: Yes the same blinkn' sun! 12:30 A.M. here and you are just ripping into your mid-morning.

Me? I am thinking...lights...transit...life...wow!

Deeds of Common Sense

I'd steal gold from the sun
if it would brighten your heart.
No one should lose blood.

I'd hide the wind from Mariah
if she threatened your ship.
No one should lose their home.

I'd lay my harvest down
should you face the fist of the King.
No one should fail by greed or tyranny.

I'd loose a deadly arrow
into their pious delusions.
No one should suffer to the bonds of ignorance.

Innerdialect: "My greatest Loss would be if I never lived with Joy or Passion. Or never Shared!" Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Thank you, Scott, for getting me to look at my own 'lights'.


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