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45 posts from July 2011

31 July 2011

Art 4 Good ~ Barbara A. Wood

by AVR

High Heels by Barbara WoodBarbara A. Wood

An artist - a woman
Depicting mostly
Women in moods of
Folly and beauty

Style – extreme
Figurative and
Bold and vibrant

Colors vivid and
Softened to entice
To coax you – bid you
Explore the detail

Her paintings start a
Dialogue with those
Who view her canvasses
Her dramatic vignettes

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30 July 2011

The Unpleasant Punishment

by AVR

Warrior(I wrote this series in 3rd person - I, the adult, looking at me, the child)

Everyone was already
Seated at the long tables
In the enclosed
Porch-like dining area

Father called her to
Come to his office
Next to the kitchen
Behind the veranda

Silence as she obeyed
Knowing she was
To be punished for
Climbing the Big Pine

With the ace bandage
Wrapped in a
Figure eight around
Her slight shoulders

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Art 4 Good ~ Christian Title (Dr.)

by Regina Sabiston

By The Brook by Christian TitleChristian Title was born in 1932 in Los Angeles, California and started painting with a style much like Monet. At the time he was also a popular singer in a nightclub. As his popularity grew, he gained enough confidence to concentrate on his painting.

In 1950, Title started his education at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design. A year later he studied at Woodbury College and then in 1952, Title traveled to Paris, France and enrolled at Beaux-Arts Academie and Sorbonne University where he received his doctorate. He painted Contemporary Modern Impressionism at its best having a level of quality that is rare and after spending a summer in London studying with Oskar Kokoschka he came back using bolder colors than ever before.

Finally in 1956, Title completed his studies in Europe and returned to the USA. Paul Gerchik and Milton Gershgoren had neighbouring studios and this is when Title started using a more brilliant palette. His work was aldo influenced by artists Pierre Jerome, Herber Gaillard and Arthur Hill.

Dr Christine Title describes his art this way, "I work in the studio and my impressionism is of the mind. My scenes do not exist in the sense of what I saw, but rather what was in memory of an experience or area." This makes sense because the recalled vision is 'impressionistic'. The vision we record is from the eye to the brain, influenced by the sum total of our visual experience.

Unique individual creativity and imagination are characteristics of Title's work. When we look at his paintings we feel like we've been there and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. He pays a lot of attention to the light, catching a particular moment of light, creating a mood and a feeling.

His works have been exhibited in many galleries including, Perreau-Saussine Gallery, Los Angeles, Hammer Galleries and Grand Central Galleries, New York City, Federic Hobbs Gallery and Gildea Gallery, San Francisco,Visconti Gallery, Paris, Kantor Gallery, London, Galerie Enatsu, Tokyo, and last but not least Deville Galleries, Beverly Hills.

Title's brilliant palette help to create his wonderful sensory paintings for all to enjoy. I, for one, love brilliant colors in paintings because they make me stop in my tracks to study them further and isn't that what great great paintings are supposed to do. Dr. Christian Title is a very accomplished artist indeed and worthy of your attention.

The Big Pine

by AVR

Pine(I wish I had a picture of the REAL Big Pine - it was a magnificent tree - even the adults climbed it for the view!)

Tall, majestic
The young girl
With the cracked

A branch staircase
Winding up
Breath taking
View - well worth
The unpleasant

©2006, Alice Vedral Rivera - poem.
©2010 Alice Vedral Rivera - photo art

29 July 2011

Caterpillars of Dawn

by Scott Loveall

Blue Bird logo plateIn the silent pressure of dawn
the strobes pulse like prairie stars,
their tail lights retreating
like a viper's recoiling eyes.

The sky sheds its black
for thrice bleached denim
and the Bluebirds prowl,
snatching up each child from the night.

The eye's lid rises and the prairie turns
banker's flannel to Confederate gray.
Each bus like an insect chewing the road,
Skittering, crawling over each rise.

© 2008, Scott N. Loveall

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