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11 July 2011

Chaz the Dog (part 3)

by Regina Sabiston

Chaz Father's Day weekendChaz Father's Day weekendChaz Father's Day weekend

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Chaz, my favorite Boxer dog, is always happy to be here at the farm. We saved our almost empty jar of peanut butter for him again. With his very long tongue he reached in while holding onto the plastic container with his two front paws. Those front paws are quite useful. He uses them when he jumps up on his hind legs to let us know that he is at the door and wants to come in and when he is tired and wants to rest his weary body, he will choose someone to lay beside and usually carefully places one paw gently over one of our feet. It could be any one of us, but he needs that contact to feel safe and secure. It is his loving touch. He also likes to use his paws for playing too. They don't call them Boxers for nothing. This is something you try to teach him not to do. Chaz, of course, needed to be taught to listen. He's smart and if he can get away with something naughty even once, he'll try it again so you need to be firm and consistant to teach him right and wrong. Some people, like my son-in law, are just good at training dogs. Now Chaz listens better and this makes him easier to deal with.

Chaz had his tail docked when he was a pup. I felt sorry for him because he made a lot of circles trying to lick his tail when Dustin brought him home. At first he used it like a kick stand, but then when it grew just a bit bigger he found that he had to tuck it under. I bet that doesn't happen very often. Who thought it would grow after it had been docked, but it did and Chaz the dog grew too. Now he is as big as the best of them. I think pets that feel truly loved grow bigger because they're happier. Don't you?

While he sleeps he dreams doggie dreams, sometimes even barking as if he's chasing dogs at the doggie park.

Sometimes when I come from being away he starts to talk to me letting me know that he wants something. I talk "doggie" back to him and he talks even more, thinking I understand him. What a silly dog. I can't speak his language, but somehow I always seem figure out what it is that he wants. Sometimes he just wants to play. Boxers LOVE toys, especially ones that squeak. They grab them and make them squeak again and again. It's hilarious and he always makes us laugh, but then there are those times when we can't stand the noise and have to take the squeaky toy away and that's when he pouts. There are not many dogs that can pout better than a Boxer. Those eyes are just so sad. That's when you give him a hug and tell him you love him and he looks at you with those big brown eyes and your heart melts.


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