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18 July 2011

Accomplished Artist ~ K. Henderson

by Regina Sabiston

Dreamer of DreamsPale FireThe Pale of TruthCourage and HonorRedwing

(click the pictures for larger versions)

K. Henderson is an accomplished artist. Born and raised in Oklahoma and now living in rural New Mexico, she paints realistic portraits and still lifes in a contemporary western theme. She paints mostly oil on linen and is driven by a need for excellence. She studied painting portraits and was initially influenced by renaissance painters. Her subjects are western, equestrian and Native American portraits. Her mediums are pencil, pastel and oil, but she now focuses mainly on oil. When painting her Native American Plains Indians, she makes sure that they are historically correct. Her paintings go beyond the historical figure as she brings people back from the past by painting her portraits life size or bigger so that the viewers feel that they can have a conversation with her subjects. K. Henderson says, "You can walk up to them and be part of their life. You are not viewing them from a distant time and place. They are with you here and now. I want you to look into their eyes and ask them: What are you thinking? What are you feeling?"

K. Henderson has won so many awards that are too numberous to list. She is also an award winning costume designer and many of her creations can be seen in her paintings.

She has attained National attention capturing the moment of our everyday lives finding beauty in the simple things. As you can see in her still life, "Redwing", she tells a story that goes with her western theme.

K. Henderson is a member of Oil Painters of America, The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, American Women Artists, American Plains Artists, and Single Action Shooter Society. She has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and Oklahoma Today and you will find her work in several books as well.

Her work has been in seven solo museum and gallery shows and numerous group exhibitions including Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian, Salon International, Western Spirit America National and Regional, and National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and so on.

As you can see, K. Henderson is an accomplished artist with a natural talent. Thank you for being my Facebook friend K. and sharing your works of art with me. Your realism and perfectionism speaks volumes about your commitment to your profession and calling.

In my opinion, owning a K. Henderson painting is a good investment as well a pleasure to behold. Not too many artist's have accomplished what she has in her lifetime so far. You can be very proud K. Best of luck to you in your future.


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