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18 July 2011

A Rising Star ~ Tolis Katsiropulos

by Regina Sabiston

A Rising Star ~ Tolis KatsiropulosA Rising Star ~ Tolis KatsiropulosA Rising Star ~ Tolis KatsiropulosA Rising Star ~ Tolis KatsiropulosA Rising Star ~ Tolis Katsiropulos

(click the pictures for larger versions)

Tolis Katsiropulos, in my opinion, is a rising star. When I look at his paintings I see that he has mastered the Bob Ross style of painting in a very short time. These are his creations. He has painted these and more since 2007. Although he does not have a website yet, he shares his work on Facebook with many other artists and friends, including me. His medium is pyrography and oil and I really like what he has done, don't you?

Many accomplished artists frown on the Bob Ross style of painting, but I quite like it, especially when it is as well done as this. I believe that (in the world of art) there is room for all kinds of methods of painting and the Bob Ross style has its merits. The paintings are done wet on wet and a painting can be finished in a day.

For those of you just starting to paint, you might want to try taking Bob Ross painting classes. I know I have and am always surprised at how quickly one can complete a painting using his method. I'm sure Tolis takes longer, judging by some of the detail in his work, but when taking a Bob Ross class, your supplies are included and they guarantee that you will have a painting done by the end of the day and that is the beauty of wet on wet. One gets the quick reward and learns simple methods of painting using Bob Ross brushes and paints and as you can see by looking at Tolis Katsiropulos' work the rewards can be impressive with practice.

Tolis Katsiropulos lives in Athens, Greece and has his paintings for sale. I would like to encourage him to continue painting as he is an inspiration to many other artists painting in the same style. Although he does not have a good command of the english language, we still managed to communicate enough for me to be able to share his wonderful works of art with you. Thank you Tolis.

I hope you enjoy Tolis Katsiropulos' art as much as I do. I feel that he is a rising star and wish him all the best with his future. Keep painting Tolis. Your work inspires me to paint colorful landscapes and I have no doubt that if Bob Ross were alive today, he would be very proud of you and your very beautiful paintings.


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