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21 June 2011

A Rising Star ~ Martin Clarke

by Regina Sabiston

SkyshowNorth Point GlitterThe Rocky CoastSplashPortly Royalty

(click the pictures for larger versions)

I believe that Martin Clarke is a rising star and his paintings shown here are proof of that. His studio is in Mandurah, Western Australia where he is surrounded by water. Water fascinates him and surfing has always made him search for the perfect wave. He knows the ocean and says, "Light plays an important role in my work, the way it shapes and colours form, the way it can reflect and refract, causing a dazzling bright or a warm mysterious dark."

Martin Clarke gets his inspiration from nature. His hope is that his artwork will take you to the places he paints and let me tell you, they truly give me a feeling of being there. I feel his emotion and his love for the ocean.

He calls himself an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary interest in painting and it's hard to believe that Martin has only been painting since 2001. Before that he had an education and a career in Science. His knowledge, love of his subject, making mistakes and practice have all played an important role in his success so far. His hope and belief that his next painting will be his best ever helps him grow as an artist and although he knows that the perfect painting is unattainable he keeps striving for it.

I have included several examples of his paintings, as one needs to see more of his work to really appreciate the emotion that he is able to portray. The child in his portrait painting, for example, causes a wealth of feeling about his subject. I am in awe as I look at his work, knowing the detail that has been put into each of his paintings.

I don't think you are just an ordinary bloke Martin. I am fascinated by your work and look forward to each new painting like a kid in a candy store waiting for their next treat. Your connection with nature is uncanny (so good it is almost supernatural). I hope you don't mind me using that word, but that's what comes to mind when I look at your paintings. Thank you for sharing them with me.

Martin Clarke has paintings in the "Original Oz Art Gallery", the "Boranup Gallery" and the "Wills Domain Gallery". Be sure to check out his website to find more wonderful works of art. If you love nature, you'll certainly love Martin Clarke's paintings. I suggest you get one soon, as I believe him to be "A Rising Star".


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