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31 May 2011

The Chaz Dog

by Regina Sabiston

Chaz closeupChaz is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. The close-up photo is from Ciera Lace Photography and one that I love to look at. People laugh at me when I tell them he's my grand puppy, but I don't have any grandchildren yet and since I love children and pets he fills a void for me. Not that I'm not ever going to have grandchildren, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Chaz side view Chaz is a Boxer who brings so much joy to our lives. My son and daughter share him, but he actually belongs to my son who surprised us one day by bringing home this sweet, cuddly puppy. I remember how awkward he was as a puppy needing help to get up on the couch. With long legs that he wasn't used to we would give him a boost so we could lay beside him on the couch while he slept.

As puppies, Boxers will play until they suddenly drop of exhaustion and they stay puppies for at least two years. They are always eager to play, bringing toys over and over again begging you to wrestle and play with them just one more time. They have more energy than you can imagine and will make you laugh time and time again throwing their toys in the air, trying to catch them and then pouncing on them as if they were Chaz sweetalive. It is morning ritual when Chaz is visiting that he will remind me that it is time to play with him. I can never resist his charms and am always be rewarded with his ability to make me laugh out loud. Tell me truthfully, could you resist a face like that with his two gentle eyes staring up at you?

Chaz sweetYes, Chaz is a gentle creature full of love for his family. He can growl at you fiercely, but it's only a facade so when I am play tug of war with him and growl at him he will growl back at me as if he means it. In reality, he knows it's just a game, but let me tell you, he's in it to win it. He has a lot of power and has more than once pulled so hard that he's dragged me right off the couch.

A Boxer has incredible speed and agility making him an excellent pet to run with. Once a day he needs a good run or walk. His favorite activity is going to the Doggy Park where he enjoys meeting other dogs...any breed, any size. First he shows that he is submissive, by laying down on his two fronts legs and then when the other dogs approach him the chase begins. Chaz is happiest when he meets a dog that is the same breed as he is. They will instantly connect and play as if there is no tomorrow, making you laugh until you cry. Boxers are just one of the greatest pets you'll ever have, but of course, there is always a down side to everything which I will share with you another day or maybe not because when I think of Chaz I am always smiling and filled with love for he has always given me more than he has ever taken away. If you are thinking of getting a pet, consider getting a Boxer. He will bring joy to you in countless ways. I will write more about the Chaz dog later...so chow for now!


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