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24 May 2011

My cooking revival (part 2)

by AVR

My cooking revival (part 2)When I didn't work, I did the cooking. As I worked more and more evenings, the boys ate at my mom's as my late ex spent more and more time at various bars after work before picking up our children and then me. I usually cooked on Thanksgiving and whenever we had company, because my first husband spent a lot of time at the bars. When he did cook, he left the kitchen filthy expecting me to clean up. However, when we were camping, he did all the cooking. As time went on, our friends slowly started to erroneously assume that Charlie did all the cooking at home - if only.

The scenario went something like this - I was scheduled to work in the evening when we had planned to entertain friends and Charlie had previously told everyone that he would be cooking. He left to run an errand in the morning and hours passed and no Charlie. In the afternoon, before I left for work, I not only cleaned the house, but I busted my butt cooking for the evening. All Charlie had to do were some finishing touches and plating. I came home from work to hear how great 'Charlie's' food was. When I said that I had, in fact, cooked it before I went to work, no one believed me (they all thought I was joking as Charlie had graciously accepted their compliments without telling them the truth). This angered me to the point that I pretty much quit cooking.

After we divorced, I just told everyone that I did not like to cook and many assumed that I didn't know how. I ate in the restaurants where I was a manager and my children ate at my mom's or their dad's.

When my new husband and I first got together, we did 'cooking with hugs' as he called it. He taught me a few basic cooking techniques and I liked it when we cooked together. As we were both working, we didn't have a lot of time for cooking.

About three years ago, after years of undefined health issues, I followed an elimination eating plan and found out that I am gluten, dairy and soy sensitive. I had to really read labels and cook from scratch again. It was not easy in the beginning and I wrote the following poem to express how I felt:


Standing in the
kitchen cooking
really cooking
From scratch

Like she used to
in the early
years of marriage
From scratch

New recipes
not copies of
old familiars
From scratch

Wondering why
it was so hard
timing was off
From scratch

The sadness comes
out of nowhere
tears hit her hard
From scratch

She remembers
why she never
liked this cooking
From scratch

These days, cooking is no long a huge chore for me. I keep learning more techniques as I go along. My honey buys me cooking utensils that make it easier and shows me how to use them.

As I tell those who say: "For someone who doesn't like to cook, this tastes great" - just because I do not like cooking, doesn't mean I don't know how.

Now if I could only figure out how to use my Cuisinart and Vita-Mix properly.

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