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31 May 2011

Eye of the Pyramid ~ Revisited (conclusion)

by Kathleen A. Staley

Eye-of-the-pyramidConclusion: The original book is much more detailed with many of the subliminal messages woven into the text. Any religious references made during the story are fictional and in no way reflect on real people. The concepts of religious icons are for the context of the story and are not meant to explain or discredit any particular faith. The main theme of the story is to compare the similarities between cultures. Peace is the only answer to the survival of the world. K. Staley 2011

The story is told by one of the characters, Kathleen of the Irish Crystal, a time traveler and recorder of the events.

"It is a story that needs to be told"

Part 9
Search for the Amber Room 2050
Paradox 1804

Anthony Cornwall Ambrose and his friends Marcus Hughes and Hammond Carter arrived in Alexandria and began the search for Cleopatra's Tomb. They also wished to find the lost Amber Room panels, stolen by the Nazis over one hundred years before. Anthony discovered clues to the location of Cleopatra's Tomb in the journal of Selene. The Amber Room panels were described in detail in his great grandfather's journal from World War II. To find either or both of the locations, the finder would be rich and famous beyond imagining.

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The Chaz Dog

by Regina Sabiston

Chaz closeupChaz is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. The close-up photo is from Ciera Lace Photography and one that I love to look at. People laugh at me when I tell them he's my grand puppy, but I don't have any grandchildren yet and since I love children and pets he fills a void for me. Not that I'm not ever going to have grandchildren, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Chaz side view Chaz is a Boxer who brings so much joy to our lives. My son and daughter share him, but he actually belongs to my son who surprised us one day by bringing home this sweet, cuddly puppy. I remember how awkward he was as a puppy needing help to get up on the couch. With long legs that he wasn't used to we would give him a boost so we could lay beside him on the couch while he slept.

As puppies, Boxers will play until they suddenly drop of exhaustion and they stay puppies for at least two years. They are always eager to play, bringing toys over and over again begging you to wrestle and play with them just one more time. They have more energy than you can imagine and will make you laugh time and time again throwing their toys in the air, trying to catch them and then pouncing on them as if they were Chaz sweetalive. It is morning ritual when Chaz is visiting that he will remind me that it is time to play with him. I can never resist his charms and am always be rewarded with his ability to make me laugh out loud. Tell me truthfully, could you resist a face like that with his two gentle eyes staring up at you?

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Soul Work

by AVR

WaterwaysThe reflections of
her yesterdays
stare back at her
ghosts of unresolved
desires haunt her
and she navigates
the waterways
of tears as she
seeks to exorcise
the demons that
plague her present

©2005, Alice Vedral Rivera - poem.
©2010 Alice Vedral Rivera - photo

30 May 2011

Eye of the Pyramid ~ Revisited (pt 8)

by Kathleen A. Staley

TutDiscovery of King Tut's Tomb, Search for Atlantis, Return to Avalon

After the death of Ludwig, Nephtys and Anubis returned to Seth's lair without the mask, crown or stones. Seth was furious and vented his anger on them. He banished Anubis and sentenced him to spend an Eternity serving in prison.

Nephtys was punished by being forced to participate in more terrifying experiments. Her once beautiful appearance was destroyed and replaced with a variety of animal features. Seth delighted in the torment and revealed to Nephtys that he was aware of her betrayal and that Anubis was a bastard son of Osiris.

As Anubis, stripped of power, rotted in the desert fortress, Seth had a diabolical idea. Anubis was tortured and used for brutal and painful experiments and his blood was used in a powerful elixir. The elixir invoked Reincarnation of the Ka and enabled Seth to clone cells and reanimate the dead.

In retaliation for the brutal treatment, Nephtys challenged Seth and bargained for the unfortunate soul of her son. Seth agreed to spare his life if Nephtys was able to retrieve the Mask of Isis and all of the shards of Terraline. Nephtys tricked Seth and set Anubis free. She took a flask of the reincarnation elixir and left the underworld, bound for the surface world of England and the Crystal Cave, of Merlin. She remained in love with Osiris and desired to use the elixir to bring him back to life. Instead, she used the potion to restore her own beauty, but it left her more deformed than before. Anubis hated Seth for the torture and vowed to get revenge.

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A Rising Star ~ Brian O'Neill

by Regina Sabiston

On the Wings of AngelsI believe that Brian O'Neill is a "Rising Star". This painting called "On the Wings of an Angel" is a great example of his very fine pastel artwork. Rendered in Conte Of Paris, Derwert, Terry Ludwig and Sennelier Pastels and painted on Mi Teintis sky blue paper, Brian tries to capture his "back story". What is a "back story" you might ask? It is a story that exists in the mind of the artist, fuelled by his strong spiritual life which connects him to his true purpose. Brian states, "What I do is what I am."

Brian is apprenticing at "The Ani Art Academy Waichulis" program where he documents his journey through his blogs. "On the Wings of An Angel" is well explained on his blog for those of you who are interested. He is a fine art realist painter from Rochester, New York who has been showcased internationally and has received many awards. His painting, "September", was published in the April issue of The Pastel Journey Magazine.

I truly believe that Brian O'Neill is a rising star and I look forward to seeing his future paintings.

Brian, thank you for always sharing your wonderful paintings and your stories. All the best of luck to you in the future. Your artwork always inspires me and your "back stories" allow me to connect with your spiritual side.

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