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31 March 2011


by AVR

In deep black seas of
Longing we flounder
Our hearts torn into
Pieces of flotsam
That float away on
Waves of loneliness

© Alice Vedral Rivera 2010


Thresholds iiby Rayla Noel


Nothing prepared me for the house on Welders Street, like nothing really prepares you for Change. It gave me an Art Room that will never leave.

I am smiling now as I try "articulate"; but Honesty is a tough Agent in the ministry of secrets, and this Painting has some.

I cannot say it all here : you wouldn't believe it. Maybe with time, one learns the Art of saying it so you don't make your work more than it seems. Every one goes through moments, even cabbages and kings and tide.

Do you paint with a Plan? I wish I could. It either happens or it doesn't.

I grew up by the coast, so wave, rock, currents are things we knew : not necessarily loved. The ocean terrified me, though she was beautiful. Sunrises were never the same each day...noons were crystal bold blue greens. Nights were dark/white water depending on the moon.

Not one day was the same as the other, yet they were linked with jagged edges : millions of them, like unruly families clutched by one rule. You made no excuses. You made a difference, an offering:

A scowling seahorse, chink eyed Star fish, bikini-ed women or fish-wives in tiny cotton naked-saris I wouldn't dare wear like they did, without inner wear, just wrapped in knots at shoulder and waist. They worked and smoked little bidis (thin rolled tobacco leaves), they swore they were brazen, wild. Tomorrow would face itself own self, tonight they lived, laughed, wept, died.

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30 March 2011

Excerpt from 'Dearest and Most Precious: A Love Journal'

by AVR

Part 2 - Separation

Day 15
I am lonely for:
Your eyes – sometimes you look at me with such love
Your voice – sometimes I hear such gentleness
Your lips – sometimes you kiss me with such affection
Your hands – sometimes your caresses are so tender
We tend to focus on the passion and the intensity but these other
moments are as important and I miss them just as much.

Day 16
This experience of being without you is not easy.

Day 17
I lie here and I cry – I miss you so much.
This time without you – no contact – hurts.
I want to join with you in any way that I can
but I am so far away.

Day 18
I need you. I ache for you.
Without you I am lost.
My soul wanders through a maze of experiences
only half aware of the richness and beauty
that surrounds it.

29 March 2011

My blog posts...

by Annebeth Riles

My blog posts are going to share thoughts on LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE,
KINDNESS, GOODNESS and that our Self Expression is SWEET!

and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care?

28 March 2011

Recollections - Excerpts from my life

by AVR

First trip to Czechoslovakia in 1966

When I was 15, I had the opportunity to go to Czechoslovakia and meet my extended immediate family for the first time. I fit right in speaking, reading and writing the language, knowing the folk songs and culture. I had been well prepared by my parents but, being an outspoken child used to the freedom of speaking my mind that so many of us in the United States take for granted, I’m afraid I may have caused my relatives some problems as they were continually telling me to be quiet as they would suffer the consequences of my outspokenness after I left.

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